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MondayThe week is starting out with some very aggressive bulls on good penny stocks and the bagholders of bad one’s getting whacked as if they cut off someone for a seat at the Canasta table. What might be the biggest shocker of them all is how Amanasu Techno Holdings Corporation (ANSU) reacted after, what was supposed to be a paper showing of some ill-gotten percentage gains turned into a $2 million ticker over the weekend. With APS’ Xumanii (XUII) no longer holding its edge now that Bluforest Inc. (BLUF) and Save The World Air Inc. (ZERO) are stealing some thunder, the week of the weak has only just begun for a number of going-to-be losers.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded as of 1:08 PM

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
FNMA 1.78 +14.10% 43,359,356 25,621,032 4,380
FMCC 1.63 +12.41% 18,312,704 11,750,064 2,157
ANSU 0.93 +203.92% 1,864,121 2,047,461 1,665
XUII 0.273 -14.69% 4,151,969 14,933,330 1,531
ACGX 0.0081 +326.32% 657,461 87,492,234 1,415
SANB 0.52 -22.39% 2,252,018 4,070,748 1,399
BLUF 1.98 +41.43% 1,531,591 820,319 863
LQMT 0.19 +1.60% 1,942,139 9,979,508 751
SOUL 1.17 -11.36% 1,007,196 866,957 611
DPHS 0.045 -16.67% 540,844 9,590,044 549

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Up over 400% since we initiated coverage on ZERO, testing their 52 week high today, their technology, which could help oil to flow through pipelines for less costs than current methods, looks as if the 2nd rocket booster has fired which might be sending this ticker back on to the NASDAQ and back up into multiple dollars per share – a rarity in Pennyland.

As many are fully aware, 99% of the energy tickers on the OTC simply have pipe dreams about landing a contract with the likes of TransCanada, but according to STWA’s 8K filed last Friday, dreams really do come true and t has happened to you who stuck in there with ZERO since the low- to mid-30’s.

The TransCanada-STWA contract is a lease with an option to purchase each unit at $4,300,000, or lease for $60,000 each per month, after the Company’s AOT™ Viscosity Reduction Systems are installed on the Keystone II Pipeline. That in itself has been enough to push ZERO and if the rumors become true that big dogs like Halliburton Company (NYSE:HAL) are really snooping around doing a bit more than a sniff test, heading back on to NASDAQ where they belong with the long anticipated uplist could be just a tease of things to come.

IF common sense prevails and the deciding factor of the TransCanada deal is that multiple units are needed on each pipeline, the 4 units on a skid at the beginning & ending points of a pipeline are only good for about every 40-50 miles. The likelihood that this contract is eventually valued around $200+ million if purchased outright, $3,000,000 per month if leased is absolutely crazy money for Pennyland!

Just do the math: One 2,000 mile long pipeline (there are 400,000 miles of pipeline in the world, and 200,000 in the U.S.) would take roughly 40 of STWA’s AOT™ Viscosity Reduction Systems. At $4.3 million or so each, the biggest problem with ZERO stock could ne day be calculators not having enough 0’s to calculate ZERO‘s profit potential!

About ZERO Stock

Save The World Air, Inc., aka STWA, are the designers and manufacturers of Applied Oil Technology (AOT), an industrial hardware solution designed to improve the efficiency of industrial crude oil pipelines via viscosity reduction.

Click here to view the SEC filings for ZERO.
Click here to view the website for STWA.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change Volume
08/05/13 1.7500 +0.1900 +12.18% 687,235
08/02/13 1.5600 +0.2100 +15.56% 1,161,300
08/01/13 1.3500 +0.0600 +4.65% 96,500
07/31/13 1.2900 unch unch 122,400
07/30/13 1.2900 +0.0600 +4.88% 107,800


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Bottom Line:

The mere fact that ANSU stock gained over 4,750% from the open on Friday proves that making money on the right penny stocks at the right time is easier than any other method of investing. Keep your eyes peeled for something to be made public which sends ZERO stock well into the $2 level in the not-so-distant future. From that point, prepare to find out what the Company has in store when their next shareholder meeting is announced.

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