Andale! HydroPhi Technologies Group (HPTG) Has Gas

HPTG Stock, HydroPhi Technologies Group Inc., #HPTG, Roger M. SlotkinIf you’re a loyal follower, then you remember how back in late September we told you that big trades were due to come for the penny stock of HydroPhi Technologies Group, Inc. (HPTG). Well, the days are here as HPTG stock has been quietly sneaking up the charts since the start of the month even though their last PR was issued on January 22 discussing how Mexico City’s Rutas Unidas’ transit buses generated positive results after using the Company’s water based clean energy technology. With Tobin Smith putting his stamp of approval for $500,000 on it and calling it a “very strong buy” while under $1, the pump is turned on and hopefully won’t wind up like Slotkin’s other ventures in this industry which tried to do the exact same thing.

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HPTG, HPTG Stock, #HPTG, Tobin Smith Scams, Hydro Phi Technologies Inc.,HydroPhi Technologies Group Inc.,Roger M. Slotkin, HPTG Stock Quote, Tobin Smith Promoted Penny StocksHPTG Stock Quote

Market Cap: 82.13M
Friday Close: 0.80 ▼ -0.01 (-1.23%)
Volume: 184,612
Dollar Volume: $147,690
Open: 0.82
High: 0.825
Low: 0.79
Trades: 73
Authorized: 300,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 102,665,126
14-Day Rel Strength: 62.05%
1st Resistance Point: 0.82
1st Support Level: 0.785

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The reverse merger of HydroPhi Technologies into what was Big Clix Corp. 5 months ago had all the makings of what could be the greatest fuel device ever invented since the fuel injected engine. All that they needed to do was to grab hold of a trusting veteran in the industry so they could design a website glossy enough to have the bells and whistles needed to turn on a pump.

So in came Roger M. Slotkin, CEO, who said in the latest PR about their Mexico venture that: “We are quite pleased with the results of our Hydroplant™ technology on this initial batch of Rutas Unidas vehicles and we look forward to eventually installing the Hydroplant™ on additional Rutas Unidas vehicles.” Proving the pudding is edible, HyrdroPhi booked revenues worth $104,784 for the 3 months ended December 31, 2013 so as not to have a doughnt in the column for the 9 months ended.

Right now, Slotkin has a portion of the financial world at his finger tips since Fox’s Tobin Smith is smiling (all the way to the bank) calling HPTG his “first tech pick of 2014.” In Slotkin’s last venture in this industry with Odyne Corp. (ODYC), things didn’t pan out so well as the Company ceased to operate after 2008.

Odyne was supposed to be designing, developing, manufacturing, and installing a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle propulsion systems for medium and heavy duty trucks and buses. Another green venture Slotkin got into, Oneworld Energy Inc., was going to become an emerging leader in the design, management and servicing of wind and solar power installations until they filed an assignment of bankruptcy on June 5, 2012.

Regardless of the past, HPTG is a penny stock everyone must go mortgage their 19th summer home for because “Thousands of Companies… Hundreds of Thousands of Vehicles… Desperately Need HydroPhi’s Breakthrough Fuel-Saving Technology!” And why wouldn’t they? Who needs to have 19 summer homes anyway.

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About HPTG Stock

HydroPhi Technologies Group, Inc. is a development stage fuel efficiency company that has created a water-based technology to improve the fuel efficiency of internal combustion engines.

Click here to view the SEC filings for HPTG.
Click here to view the website for HydroPhi Technologies.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
02/14/14 0.8200 0.8250 0.7900 0.8000 -0.0100 -1.23% 184,600
02/13/14 0.8300 0.8300 0.7950 0.8100 +0.0250 +3.18% 265,200
02/12/14 0.7800 0.8000 0.7800 0.7850 +0.0050 +0.64% 58,400
02/11/14 0.7900 0.8000 0.7700 0.7800 +0.0200 +2.63% 97,700
02/10/14 0.7600 0.7700 0.7600 0.7600 +0.0100 +1.33% 16,300


Bottom Line:

Note that HPTG is being pumped based on the Company being a developer of water-based, clean energy technology. With that said, trace back to the time when WTER was the next big penny stock and you’ll have a rough idea as to how HPTG stock is likely to play out. If it wasn’t for Tobin, we’d say finance the 18th and 19th summer homes to get in, but it’s better to be safe than stuck in a hydrogen powered bus in Mexico City.

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