BCLX | Big Trades Due After Big Clix – Hydro Phi Merger

BCLX Stock, Big Clix Corp.,OTCMKTS:BCLX,Hydro Phi Technologies Inc.,Hydro Phi,Smart money found its way into the penny stock of Big Clix Corp. (OTCMKTS:BCLX) on Wednesday in hopes of catching a bull by the horns before anyone else. Filing an 8-K earlier in the day, detailing their triangular merger with Hydro Phi Technologies, Inc., a leader in water-based hydrogen technology, certain speculators took a nibble on BCLX stock. The move looks to have been a smart one considering the provider of improved fuel economy and significant emissions reductions for the logistics, marine, stationary power and military markets already has a distribution network across the U.S. and Europe, tapping into the $1.2 trillion market.

Note: As of October 7, BCLX will change to HPTG.

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BCLX, BCLX Stock, Big Clix Corp.,OTCMKTS:BCLX,Hydro Phi Technologies Inc.,Hydro Phi, Crescendo Communications LLC,Roger M. Slotkin, BCLX Stock QuoteBCLX Stock Quote

Market Cap: 61.30M
Last: 0.63
Volume: 60,000
Dollar Volume: $37,801
Trades: 9
Authorized: 300,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 97,300,000
Issued To HydroPhi: 82,000,000
Roger M. Slotkin, Director (Chairman of the Board) and CEO of Big Clix: 11,063,674 (11.4%)
Reid Meyer, Chief Operating Officer of Hydro Phi: 1,025,413 (1.1%)
Jonathan Goldman, Chief Technology Officer of Hydro Phi: 1,779,342 (1.8%)
D. Scott Smith, Senior Vice President – Sales/Marketing/Distribution of Hydro Phi: 2,634,519 (2.7%)
John Durham: 30,430,650 (31.3%)
Philip Levin: 16,303,012 (16.8%)
14-Day Rel Strength: N/A
1st Resistance Point: 0.6307
1st Support Level: 0.6297

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Prior to the triangular merger, Big Clix was nothing more than another development stage company looking to develop software and systems to create, target, deliver, and measure effectiveness of dynamic mobile advertising across the entire campaign lifecycle. Now with Hydro Phi as their surviving business, there is unlimited potential which is due to be driven by the company’s HydroPlant™, an operation that can be performed “on-demand” and “on-board” a vehicle or any other application, providing a clean “power-on-demand” alternative.

The market for Hydro Phi is pretty huge, an estimated $1.2 trillion domestic and international transportation logistics market, considering you’re talking about:

• Class 7 and 8 diesel trucks for a logistics company,
• an agricultural tractor for a major original equipment manufacturer,
• a D-5 bulldozer for a heavy equipment company,
• a houseboat for a yacht builder, and
• automobiles with increased fuel efficiencies and reduced emissions

Because Hydro Phi has developed efficient and unique methods to generate hydrogen and oxygen using water as a raw material, their Hydrolyzer™, a unit which produces gases as they are needed, eliminating the requirement for a vehicle to carry high pressure hydrogen gas or liquid cylinders, has the capability reducing fuel costs by 10% to 35% according to certain field trials. Even more promising is that future applications could span the entire energy supply chain, including power generation, storage, off-grid distributed power, smart grid technology and development, and practically all energy consumption applications.

One of the groups helpful in making the Hydro Phi / Big Clix merger happen was Crescendo Communications, LLC. They were paid $25,000 and issued warrants to purchase 440,000 shares of BCLX stock at a per share exercise price of $0.10.

If you don’t know why this is significant, perhaps Stevia Corp. (STEV) and/or Stevia First Corp. (STVF) might ring some alarms with you.

Currently working out of a facility in Doraville, Georgia, Hydro Phi has been able to put some revenues, although limited, up on the board. They booked $53,700 for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013, about 1/4th the $194,473 booked for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012. During those same 2 fiscal years, they spent approximately $470,000 and $460,000, respectively, on R&D.

What they had also booked was debt: $15,052,430 worth as of June 30, 2013. However, a large portion of that, $3,461,218, $2,867,500 and $3,212,068, were notes payable, $2,920,964 was accrued salaries, so there is no telling what amount of that was paid off through the issuance of BCLX stock from the merger.

In summary, good things are sure to come for Roger M. Slotkin now that he is the sole director of Big Clix and traders should keep a close eye on BCLX stock from here on out. There is a reason why the PPS went to $2 suddenly and then came back to 0.63 yesterday. If you don’t know what it is, call or text a friend for the answer.

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About BCLX Stock

Big Clix, Corp., through their acquisition of Hydro Phi Technologies, Inc., is a development stage which makes and sells water-based clean energy technologies that are system engineered and functionally designed to provide fuel savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, primarily for the transportation industry.

Click here to view the SEC filings for BCLX.
Click here to view the website for HydroPhi.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
09/25/13 0.6300 0.6310 0.6300 0.6300 +0.6300 unch 60,000
08/07/13 2.0000 2.0000 2.0000 2.0000 +1.3700 +217.46% 700
07/23/13 0.6300 0.6300 0.6300 0.6300 unch unch 1,000
07/22/13 0.6300 0.6300 0.6300 0.6300 +0.2450 +63.64% 1,000
07/02/13 0.4800 0.4800 0.3850 0.3850 -0.0550 -12.50% 12,400


Bottom Line:

We know penny stocks and having HPTG on your radar before it gets emailed to you will be a very smart thing to do. Sure there is a chance that this triangular merger, the PPS swing and the increase in volume yesterday are all just another green energy company’s efforts to get listed. Then again, HPTG and the share structure behind the story is just too sexy to pass up.

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