AXXU | Axxess Unlimited Profiting From DUI Offenders

The judge has spoke and he says: Axxess Unlimited (AXXU), formerly Azia Corp.(AZIA), needs to be on your list of penny stocks to watch for Election Day. Since the Company is run by CEO and President, Michael Roth, a former Arizona circuit judge and defense attorney, best believe that AXXU stock has the legitimacy to back its word when it claims to have “beat the system” by having the only system in use that conforms to federal evidence rules.

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AXXU Stock Chart

Market Cap: 56.77M
Close: 1.14, up 0.03 (2.70%)
Volume: 19,200
Dollar Volume: $21,692
High: 1.14
Low: 1.11
Trades: 14
Average Trade Size: 1,371
Authorized: 699,999,999
Issued and Outstanding: 49,800,000
Public Float: 1,922,882

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First of all, AXXU makes money. For the three months ended June 30, 2012, Axxess Unlimited reported gross profit of $42,343 off net sales of $75,317. Not bad for a Company that just launched the first phase of their Ignition Interlock processing system in a limited release to Arizona Monitoring Systems, LLC (d/b/a Safe Harbor) in October of 2011. With better than expected results, they are now taking on the rest of the U.S.

Now, in case you haven’t been subjected to one of these devices, an ignition interlock is a breath test device linked to a vehicle’s ignition system. When a convicted drunk driver wishes to start his or her vehicle, he or she must first blow into the device. The vehicle will not start unless the driver’s Blood Alcohol Concentration is below a preset level.

With currently 300,000 Interlock systems in use in the U.S., the problem arose with each devices monitoring data being able to be processed correctly, timely and efficiently for all the parties involved to be able to monitor real-time data. Hence Axxess Unlimited and Michael Roth’s designed Axxess Interlock Reporting System (“AIR”).

AIR works with Ignition Interlocks, a technology that prevents a car from starting if the driver has been drinking. AIR combines patented evidence log technology allowing courts, law enforcement, The Department of Transportation and other approved parties to keep track of all evidence without risk of tampering or modification.

Beyond the technology which has obvious demand from both law enforcement agencies and insurance companies, Axxess Unlimited also works with Authentic Brands Group on several large retail marketing systems including Prince, Marilyn Monroe, TapouT®, Frankie Edgar, and others. This division is currently working to develop new marketing systems that will allow fans to earn points for purchasing merchandise, visiting a star, or attending events.

Other data processing divisions include Pro Axxess which is working to develop an impressive client portfolio that it anticipates will lead to the acquisition of additional client marketing campaigns. Currently the division is working on marketing campaigns for clients such as Dominance MMA, Connor Baxter, Chuck Patterson, World Series of Fighting and Todd Stottlemyre.

The whole concept of AXXU‘s AIR system reminds me a lot of Taser Inc. (TASR) which 10 years ago was being shot down left and right by everyone and is now a staple weapon of choice for law enforcement officials. Keeping prior offenders of drunk driving off the roads by cost cutting the data processing of deployed ignition interlock hardware devices is the big ticket item on this Company — bottom line!

About AXXU Stock

Axxess Unlimited is a leading provider of custom software solutions in online marketing. The Company’s lead data flow management product, Axxess Information Reporting (AIR), currently processes data from breath alcohol ignition interlock devices for more than 40 independent service providers, who are required to report to the State of Arizona and are part of the Draeger network. Developed by a retired Arizona city court judge, AIR is the only system in use that conforms to federal evidence rules, processing over 48,000 data logs – and growing – annually to courts, probation offices and state agencies.

Bottom Line: AXXU should be on the list of penny stocks to watch for Tuesday. With under 2 million shares in the float, it would be silly to think AXXU stock is worth passing over. It’s all happening for Axxess. Have a good strong, long look at the video above and decide for yourself before Election Day trading begins.

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