Banned Substance: Life Stem Genetics Inc. (LIFS) Halted

LIFSTraders have been finding as their most important URL in recent weeks to see whether or not their shares have been suspended. The penny stock of Life Stem Genetics Inc. (LIFS) was halted prior to the commencement of trading this morning after dropping for 2 days like a Hunter S. Thompson sidekick in Vegas. Highlighted on multiple occasions as a hard mail promotion by Andrew Carpenter, distributed electronically by Contrarion Wealth Coalition, the fact that LIFS stock followed the exact same demise that Biozoom Inc. (BIZM) did should come as no surprise.

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LIFS Stock Chart

LIFS Stock Chart

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The decision to halt Life Stem Genetics, Inc. (LIFS) was expected eventually since the SEC is nodummy when it comes to following the trail of crumbs which leads back to persons of interest who have been on their watch list for some time. Earlier this year, BIZM stock made it out the gate in a similar fashion before it too was chopped at the knees and sent into the penalty box for 10 trading sessions.

What sucks most about these recent “iron-fisted” actions is that the ones who really suffer when penny stocks get halted are the novice, retail investors. Not having the opportunity to have done some due diligence via either our website or various others which are candid in their pessimistic optimism, the bleeding heart of the OTC markets could some day stop pumping all together if this pattern continues.

Had one seen our coverage of LIFS stock back in late September when they were nearly ready to launch, one would have understood the risks and taken a profit at any point in the 90% run it had. But, like most spilled milk, seeing LIFS stock trade in December at around .008 is going to make for a cold, cold Christmas rather than a rejuvenated share price after the Thursday-Friday plummets.

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About LIFS Stock

Life Stem Genetics, Inc. is a Beverly Hills, California based, progressive health care company that focuses on healing with a patient’s own “Stem Cells”.

Click here to view the SEC filings for LIFS.
Click here to view the website for Life Stem Genetics.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
11/22/13 1.2900 1.4100 0.6200 0.6400 -0.7900 -55.24% 2,853,400
11/21/13 1.8450 1.9000 1.4000 1.4300 -0.4100 -22.28% 2,453,000
11/20/13 1.7400 1.8600 1.6300 1.8400 +0.1100 +6.36% 1,965,700
11/19/13 1.6450 1.7300 1.6100 1.7300 +0.0900 +5.49% 1,165,300
11/18/13 1.5850 1.6400 1.4500 1.6400 +0.0600 +3.80% 866,900


Bottom Line:

Trading these big money promoted penny stocks has become too risky. The 20-30% intra-day plays of more appropriate alerts is seeing more appreciation than it did when APS was around. Greed, for lack of a better word, is good, but when the risk of having your stocks’ legs get broken without a chance to have run away makes for tamer targets and better traders in the long run.

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