LIFS | Life Stem Genetics Takes Over Fast Food Company

LIFS Stock, OTC LIFS, Miami Days Corp.,MIDY, Life Stem Genetics Inc.,Wasting no time since changing their name from Miami Days Corp. (MIDY), the newest penny stock in the progressive health care, Life Stem Genetics Inc. (LIFS) is due to come out in 20 business days. Changing their ticker and effectuating a 13-for-1 split, LIFS stock will be on the radars of traders as soon as MIDYD goes away. Claiming to be a Stem Cell Clinical Specialist has performed over 5,000 treatments, including the top names in PGA golf, NFL football, NBA basketball, and Major League Baseball, the mere threat of as much as a 50 game suspension if you’re caught with PED’s in your system is reason enough to add this one to the “risk” list

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LIFS, LIFS Stock, OTC LIFS, Miami Days Corp.,MIDY, Life Stem Genetics Inc.,LIFS stock quote,  David Lubin & Associates PLLC, Bojan Didic , Gloria SimovLIFS Stock Quote

Market Cap: 10.71M
Last: 2.00 (pre-split)
Volume: 1,000
Authorized: 250,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 69,615,000

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The deal to acquire Life Stem Genetics was announced at the start of the month when Miami Days filed their 8-K. Included in the agreement is a commitment to provide $500,000 worth of financing to Life Stem Genetics which is earmarked for advancement of its business objectives.

Miami Days Corp. had just one year ago filed their S-1 with the assistance of David Lubin & Associates, PLLC. The intent was to break into the business of preparing and selling fast food in the Balkan region, particularly in the countries of Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia. If they could have gotten Miami Days up and running, the signature dish was intended to be the “Pljeskavica” : a half-pound slab of grilled meat (a pork and beef compound mixed with a blend of herbs and spices) slapped in a lightly toasted sesame seed bun and served with a generous side portion of salad, pickles and garnish.

Never selling as much as an order of french fries, let alone the Balkan version of a Big Mac, Bojan Didic and the story-line behind Miami Days appears to have been just another S-1 gimmick before bringing in a pumpable commodity like Stem Cells. They brought Gloria Simov into the picture in August to join Didic as a BoD duo and pave the way for Life Stem Genetics to come in.

As for what to expect from LIFS stock, it’s interesting enough to see that David Lubin is tied in with 2 somewhat successful penny stocks which might ring a bell with traders: Mustang Alliances, Inc. (MSTG) and Biozoom, Inc. (BIZM). The list goes on from there, but the end result remains the same: LIFS stock is one to watch out for.

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About LIFS Stock

Life Stem Genetics, Inc. is a Beverly Hills, California based, progressive health care company that focuses on healing with a patient’s own “Stem Cells”.

Click here to view the SEC filings for LIFS.
Click here to view the website for Life Stem Genetics.

Bottom Line:

It won’t be until mid- to late-October when LIFS stock is an active ticker, but it doesn’t mean that MIDYD shouldn’t be on the list of penny stocks to watch until then. We saw it happen with MCIG as shares of LTCHD immediately became active upon the 10-for-1 split and ticker symbol change announcement. LIFS stock could be a banger!

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