BBDA | HJOE | BeBevCo and Hangover Joes Taking It To NY

BBDA Stock, OTC BBDA, PINK BBDA, BeBevCo, Bebida Beverage Company, Kola UnwindTwo beverage stocks uncovered by us in the summer, BeBevCo (BBDA) and Hangover Joes (HJOE), have joined forces to take over New York. BeBida Beverage Co. announced the opening of their new wholly-owned subsidiary in the New York metropolitan area which will distribute their KOMA UNWIND “Liquid Relaxation”™, Relax 5 shots and also The Hangover Recovery Shot from Hangover Joes as well as the controversial Cocaine Energy Drink and shots. BBDA stock has had some huge runs towards 2 cents in the summer while HJOE stock has been relatively calm as the next Hangover The Movie sequel completes filming in Tijuana, Mexico.

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BBDA Stock, OTC BBDA, PINK BBDA, BeBevCo, Bebida Beverage Company, Kola UnwindBBDA Stock Chart

Market Cap: 5.58M
ALERT: June 27 @ 0.0016
Last: 0.0066, up 0.0001 (1.54%)
Volume: 5,332,833
Dollar Volume: $34,198
High: 0.0068
Low: 0.006
Trades: 61
Average Trade Size: 87,423

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HJOE Stock, Hangover Joe's, Hangover Joe's Recovery ShotHJOE Stock Chart

Market Cap: 18.05M
ALERT: July 31 @ 0.075
Last: 0.15, down -0.05 (-25.00%)
Volume: 38,700
Dollar Volume: $5,924
High: 0.19
Low: 0.15
Trades: 6
Average Trade Size: 6,450

Bottom Line: These two beverage penny stocks are depressed right now and should be watched closely. BBDA was so close to breaking past the 2 cent level when we first alerted on it, gaining 1,100% in the process. HJOE has been relatively quiet with no action except for some speculators looking to get in and sit long in anticipation of a take off.

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