You Snooze, You Lose: Get BeBevCo (BBDA) Stock Now

For 15 months, shares in the penny stock of Bebida Beverage Co. (BBDA) have been contradictory to their product line dropping from 0.04 to 0.0003. Yesterday, BBDA stock price jumped 100% to 0.0016 on it’s 2nd largest volume trading session in its short history with 182.99 million shares exchanged within 316 trades. The largest volume trading session came just last week, 294.56 million, when BeBevCo announced that stock dilution was finally over and a share buy back program would soon begin.

With a rough market capitalization now of 3.84 million, is this relaxation beverage maker BeBevCo relaxed enough to add BBDA to a portfolio? Absolutely Yes!

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BBDA Stock Chart

Shares Outstanding: 2.4B

52 Week High
(Jul 6, 2011) 0.0115
52 Week Low
(Jun 14, 2012) 0.0003

5 Day Pct Change: 100.00%
10 Day Pct Change: 433.33%
Ytd Pct Change: 166.67%

5 Day Avg Volume: 64,553,043
10 Day Avg Volume: 97,808,900
Ytd Avg Volume: 26,750,351

BeBevCo has been marketing their line of relaxation and energy drinks for well over a year now and it seems to have finally paid off. Although unaudited and created on MSWord for uploading, Bebida Beverage Company’s Q1 financials are a million times better than those of GWBU, SNPK and NSRS combined. Q1 Financial Highlights are as follows:

Cash: $178,981
A/R: $374,052
Debt: $0

Revenues: $671,064
Gross Profit: $501,292
Net Income: $172,013

Now granted, that may look like your 1040 you filed with the IRS in the spring, but for this beverage company has done everything right by getting its product out into the market. They have increased revenues for the last 8 consecutive quarters and put themselves into the spotlight as one of the top choices of some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities.

Recently, BeBevCo CEO, Brian Weber, has been on a PR campaign after announcing that CEFCO Convenience stores will carry their top seller, Koma Unwind regular and sugar free Relaxation drinks, in over 250 stores across the southern U. S. Koma Unwind is the BBDA product featured in Jennifer Lopez’s “I’m into You” music video. Brian quickly followed that with a firm announcement stating that Bebida Beverage Co. will no longer need dilute BBDA stock in order raise capital in the marketplace.

A significant announcement is due to come Thursday, June 28th, @ 10:00 AM concerning the reasons why BeBevCo no longer needs to raise capital by selling stock and regarding the exploding growth of the Company’s  KOMA UNWIND relaxation brand .

The Relaxation Beverage Industry

In the U.S., relaxation drinks, which retail at $2-$3 a pop, make up a market already worth over $500 million, according to Zenith International. Analysts predict that growth in the industry will drive the numbers to almost even with 7 relaxation drinks sold for every 10 energy drinks within 18 months. That was a year ago when those predictions were made. With the energy drinks market predicted to be worth $19.7 billion by 2013 in the U.S. alone, the soothing equivalent of a Red Bull will be a prize worth pursuing.

About BBDA Stock

BeBevCo, Bebida Beverage Company, develops, manufactures and markets liquid relaxation products including KOMA Unwind “Liquid Relaxation”™, KOMA Unwind Sugar-free “Liquid Relaxation”™ and KOMA Unwind “Liquid Relaxation” Shot™ as well as Potencia Energy, Potencia “BLAST” energy shot, Relax 5 shots and Piranha Water.

For research on BBDA and the relaxation drink industry, check out:

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Bottom Line: This penny stock could explode to upwards of 2,400% if the announcement Thursday can send BBDA PPS back to the .04 high it had 14 months ago. Even a move to a penny would be a 525% gain from its current. level. There was roughly $200 thousand in volume traded Tuesday which leaves very little room for many sellers to be jumping into the market one day prior to a major announcement. BBDA is a great penny stock to buy tomorrow and hold until the Company CEO makes his statements on Thursday.

Note: A big Shout Out goes out to one of our VIPs, Hunter, for bringing BBDA to our attention.

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