A Promised TenBagger, GWBU Stock Wound Up A TeaBagger

Shares of Great Wall Builders Ltd. (OTC: GWBU) finally took that last ExLax tablet needed to end the sharting and release the Santorum. GWBU stock price dropped from its $1.48 open price to a low of 0.506 before rebounding to close at 0.55. How Awesome is a pathetic $1.95 high on a POS penny stock that we clearly covered from day one as regurgitating dPollution news? Still, the POS traded $21,083,930 in volume on dump day.

Without wasting the time to add it all up, but with $770 million on the Clotamin Con, these guys have been responsible now for at least $2 Billion in dollar volume between NSRS, SNPK and GWBU.

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Why Great Wall Builders re-Located To Italy

Bottom Line: These fcuktards behind GWBU are screwing up penny stocks more than investors know. This “Gordon Gekko” style of public awareness is pathetic when bagholders are stuck canvassing message boards because their stop-loss orders were impossible to fill. However, proves once agin that we were right about warning investors too early to get out of the stock and chances are will be again when they run GTCP or another shell.

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