BBDA Stock Trying To Break Past Major Resistance Level

The penny stock of Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA), aka BeBevCo, is trying everything it can possibly do to break past that 0.003 resistance level. BBDA stock traded shares on Monday ad the stock rose from an intraday low of to . The developer, manufacturer and marketer of liquid relaxation products, announced just after the market open that three new distribution partners have been added to the ever growing family of distributors for BeBevCo’s liquid relaxation product, KOMA UNWIND.

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BBDA Stock Chart

Volume: 24,218,692
Change: 0.0003, 12.00%
High: 0.0028
Low: 0.0023

The three new distributors are:

• Liquid Culture Distribution; distibuting to the seven counties surrounding Charleston,
• General Wholesale; the Miller-Coors distributor located in Spartanburg will handle the 4 counties in that region, and
• Yahnis Distribution; the Coors-Miller distributor who will penetrate the Myrtle Beach and the 12 county N.E. portion of South Carolina

Finally, several other areas are still filling which will result in full SC coverage for the worlds fast growing liquid relaxation product, KOMA UNWIND; the delectable, multi-berry tasting, lightly carbonated product which is relaxing and helping more consumers sleep better every day.

About BBDA Stock

BeBevCo develops, manufactures and markets liquid relaxation products including KOMA Unwind “Liquid Relaxation”™, KOMA Unwind Sugar-free “Liquid Relaxation”™ and KOMA Unwind “Liquid Relaxation” Shot™ as well as Potencia Energy, Potencia “BLAST” energy shot, Relax 5 shots and Piranha Water.

Bottom Line: BBDA is one of those penny stocks you can’t not watch. With swings from 0.002 to 0.003 on a consistent basis, it sets up for the perfect swing-trade for traders looking to cash in on a quick buck almost like high-stakes poker players will hit the Roulette table to play Red/Black to bank roll the real game.

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