BISN | Bison Petroleum Has All The Right Signals For A Pump

When a sole director with ties to the Costa del Crime lands a spot with an oil exploration start up company, you gotta expect that big things are going to happen. When the former name of the company was GreenChoice International, Inc. and the ticker became GREED after an 8-for-1 stock split, you gotta expect big things are going to happen. Now that the website is live and leases have been acquired, the penny stock of Bison Petroleum, Corp. (BISN) has just become the lead candidate for the next big thing on the OTC. All that needs to happen is for a PR issuance and BISN stock should start trading.

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BISN Stock Quote

Market Cap: 20.97M
Last: 0.535
Authorized: 800,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 39,200,000
Antonio Martinez-Guzman: 20,000,000
1st Resistance Point: 0.5933
1st Support Level: 0.4933

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What was supposed to be a company focused on marketing prefabricated log cabin style housing components to the Asian market, GreenChoice International sold out their shell corp that James B. Parsons of the Parsons/Burnett/Bjordahl, LLP firm helped to incubate. For a mere $17,000, Antonio Martinez-Guzman acquired control 12,000,000 restricted shares of what is now BISN stock from Merlyn Kirk, the former sole director of GreenChoice.

Having sold furniture in Seville, Spain, been a human resources adviser for an H.R. firm in Spain, and even been the managing director at Vecinos De Benalmadena, S.L., a local newspaper in Malaga, Spain (the Costa del Crime), Martinez-Guzman is more than adequately qualified to be the man in charge of Bison Petroleum Corp. a company with a $20 million market cap ate present.

In his role as director, events are already transpiring which are sure to maximize long-term shareholder value just as much as coffee brewed 9 months ago is still as fresh as if it was brewed 9 seconds ago.

Am 8K was filed yesterday which detailed how, on August 9, 2013, Bison Petroleum, Corp. entered into a Lease Purchase Agreement with Nelan Advisors Corporation, a British Virgin Islands corporation, whereby Nelan sold certain oil and gas leases issued by the State of Wyoming to Bison for 1 million shares of “restricted” BISN stock. Now, unfortunately Google is a half-baked search engine because the only place you can find information about “Nelan Advisors Corporation” or “Nelan Advisors” is within the 8K filed yesterday.

A much better selling point is made on the Bison Petroleum website highlighting how the start up company run bythe guy from the newspaper has acquired 4,917 acres of undeveloped prime acreage in one of America’s most prolific basins: the Bighorn Basin in Wyoming. Developing the land for near-term production is the goal and why everyone should raid their children’s piggy banks to get into BISN stock because it has the makings of becoming the next Schlumberger.

All kidding aside, the attorney’s who helped to set up GreenChoice International are tied into North Springs Resources (NSRS), the APS pump that began in December, 2011 and blossomed in early February, running from the mid-teens to $1.72. Also notice the similarities in ticker symbols when partnered next to BioZoom Inc. (BIZM) – pretty close isn’t it?

Is the same course already plotted out for BISN stock? As unlikely as it is, something big is going to happen and it isn’t going to end pretty – that’s for sure.

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About BISN Stock

Bison Petroleum, Corp. is a start up, development stage company focused on finding and developing conventional petroleum resources in Wyoming.

Click here to view the SEC filings for OTC BISN.
Click here to view the website for Bison Petroleum.

BISN Trading History (when it was still GREED):

Date Last Change Volume
07/26/13 0.5350 -0.0660 -10.98% 206,500
07/25/13 0.6010 +0.0010 +0.17% 2,500
07/22/13 0.6000 unch unch 1,000


Bottom Line:

Unless you were asleep when GREED was actively trading before the ticker symbol change, you best have BISN on your list of penny stocks to watch. Although many promotions have started without any PR coming out, some sort of news should hit the wires when BISN becomes active making the traders in early the bisons and the bears to be the ones who get ganked in the chest when they try to chase for some Wyoming Mountain Oysters.

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