Pan Global Corp. (PGLO) Leads The List Of Penny Stocks

Just 9 trading sessions after being introduced to traders looking for a winning penny stock, Pan Global Corp. (PGLO) provided a treat like only a solid promotion can do. Beefing up their market cap to insanely high levels after closing its 3rd session at the HOD, PGLO stock essentially ended Halloween as the top traded OTC stock if you eliminate the 3 defaulted leaders which have been atop the list all year: FNMA, AAMRQ and FMCC. Although the news on Thursday was nothing more than some fluff about the small hydro power industry and it’s projected, the acquisition of Regency Yamuna Energy Ltd. and ties to India, a haven for penny stock trading, closing green on its 5th session, 8 out of 9, indicates profit taking Friday should be due to come.

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PGLO Stock Quote

Market Cap: 260.80M
Last: 0.573 ▲ +0.073 (+14.60%)
Volume: 4,632,562
Dollar Volume: $2,490,788
Open: 0.51
High: 0.573
Low: 0.485
Trades: 1,213
Authorized: 550,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 455,155,000
14-Day Rel Strength: 63.29%
1st Resistance Point: 0.6023
1st Support Level: 0.5143

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Other than the success Pan Global Corp. has displayed with their PGLO stock hard mailer in full effect, two other hard mail campaigns, Endeavor IP, Inc. (ENIP) and Bison Petroleum Corp. (BISN), have proven to be equally successful having all commenced within days of each other.

Endeavor IP has refrained from any further PR since announcing the Endeavor MeshTech, Inc. patent infringement lawsuit filings back on the 15th of the month. Experiencing their first “shake and bake” today as ENIP stock dropped at the open to as low as 0.82, the LOD when we initiated coverage 2 weeks ago, before recovering and hitting 1.05 prior to the close and nearly entering into the top 10 penny stocks traded list.

On the other hand, Bison Petroleum continued to surge towards $2, having already had their tree shaking moment at the start of the week. Providing some fluff about their Wyoming based Bighorn Basin oil and gas lease projects yesterday, strong like bull, BISN stock shoved every resistance point out of the way this week before closing at it’s HOD, 1.60, and nearly doubling from its LOD on the 28th.

Although a large number of penny stock traders who seem to only be able to either play promoted stocks by the now blacklisted and supposedly retired Awesome Penny Stocks or fronting pre-promo plays, like the above mentioned 3, have mostly gone on hiatus, the tried and true are still making coin. Heading into November, those with a conservatively bullish approach are due to see some triple digit returns before the bird gets stuffed and roasted.

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About PGLO Stock

Pan Global Corp., after acquiring Pan Asia Infratech Corp., is a development stage company determined to develop projects in renewable energy and energy efficiency technology that comprise innovative solutions for basic infrastructure.

Click here to view the SEC filings for PGLO.
Click here to view the website for Pan Global.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
10/31/13 0.5100 0.5730 0.4850 0.5730 +0.0730 +14.60% 4,632,500
10/30/13 0.4565 0.5000 0.4550 0.5000 +0.0470 +10.38% 2,930,900
10/29/13 0.4135 0.4530 0.3850 0.4530 +0.0440 +10.76% 2,373,600
10/28/13 0.4000 0.4150 0.3730 0.4090 +0.0150 +3.81% 1,891,600
10/25/13 0.3950 0.4000 0.3700 0.3940 +0.0040 +1.03% 1,276,800


Bottom Line:

While greed may have taken a backseat to trading smart, money is still being made trading penny stocks and all 3 promoted stocks, PGLO, ENIP and BISN are proving that. Sure, you can’t confidently throw $30K at a ticker like you used to do with APS back in 2012, but if you are on the ball and keeping track of what’s happening, the ROI is still better than a typical 8 hour work day.

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