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Patent warriors with a sense of appreciation got their first chance to grab shares in the penny stock of Endeavor IP, Inc. (ENIP) last week. Having readied itself with a 14-for-1 split back in September, ENIP stock began trading last week and accumulators of the patent holding corp. couldn’t have made a wiser choice. With multiple patent infringement lawsuits filed already, one of which is against the well-known Con Edison Solutions and a price target of $3, seeing a double before the roasted bird hits the table next month is as likely as there being gravy at Thanksgiving dinner.

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Market Cap: 37.24M
Last: 0.87 ▲ +0.02 (+2.35%)
Volume: 103,300
Dollar Volume: $88,896
Open: 0.855
High: 0.875
Low: 0.82
Trades: 54
Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 42,800,002
14-Day Rel Strength: N/A
1st Resistance Point: 0.89
1st Support Level: 0.835

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What started out as Finishing Touches Home Goods, Inc. (FNTU), a company looking to provide consulting services, installation, and sales of accessibility and safety products for residential and commercial buildings that require access by handicapped individuals, Endeavor IP was spawned in May after reverse merging into the Synergen Law Group incubated shell. Looking to take traders on a Goldman Small Cap Research ride through the last few months of the year, the company wasted no time by throwing its name into the wireless technology IP hat to be able to get closer to Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Nokia (NYSE:NOK).

Back in May of this year, Endeavor IP formed its wholly-owned subsidiary, Endeavor MeshTech, Inc., which owns the patents acquired in connection with the business acquisition of Mesh Comm, LLC. Two months later, the Company formed another wholly-owned subsidiary, Endeavor Energy, Inc., which owns the patents acquired from Solid Solar Energy, Inc. Two moves and BAM! – Endeavor IP is now sitting in the same boat as Vringo (NASDAQ:VRNG).

Thinking in advance of “how to properly pump up a penny stock,” news began flowing a month before the first shares began to trade. Endeavor IP came out with news that they had filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Con Edison Solutions, Inc. in New York, Case No. 13 cv 6528, on behalf of their Endeavor Energy subsidiary with Henniger Garrison Davis, LLC being their legal representative. Asserting claims of patent infringement related to U.S. Patent No. 7,336,201 (the ‘201 patent), entitled “Remote Access Energy Meter System and Method,” The lawsuit was said to be included in the Federal Patent Pilot Program which supposedly accelerates disposition times for participating cases.

Whether there is a snowball’s chance in hell for Endeavor IP to win their lawsuit, traders have already taken note to ENIP stock’s initial trading activity. Still under the radar for the most part, ENIP has more fuel behind it right now than any other player out there on the promotional scene to the tune of $1 million and a wicked smart video on why buying shares is a smart thing to do.

Backed by Cameron Gray and Andrew Uribe as a management team, Endeavor IP has what it takes to show thy stand a chance in the IP infringement arena. Gray’s experience as the Senior V.P. of ICAP Patent Brokerage and his knowledge of patent monetization should help to get dumb money locked in to ENIP while traders who know how the game works get in and out safely before that famous belt-bursting Thursday comes around and they feast on some free profits.

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About ENIP Stock

Endeavor IP, Inc. is a development stage company engaged in the commercialization and development of intellectual property assets by becoming the owner or assignee of certain patents, licenses and applications.

Click here to view the SEC filings for ENIP.
Click here to view the website for Endeavor IP.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
10/18/13 0.8550 0.8750 0.8200 0.8700 +0.0200 +2.35% 103,300
10/17/13 0.8450 0.8700 0.7600 0.8500 +0.0200 +2.41% 169,200
10/16/13 0.7500 0.8400 0.7500 0.8300 +0.0800 +10.67% 140,400
10/15/13 0.7500 0.7500 0.7500 0.7500 +0.1044 +16.17% 4,000
10/09/13 0.6456 0.6456 0.6456 0.6456 +0.0456 +7.60% 1,000


Bottom Line:

Expected to hit $1 at some point this week, ENIP is one of the newest promoted penny stocks that traders will want to be keeping a very close eye on. With today being just the 4th trading session that one can get a chance to grab a few shares of ENIP stock, timing appears to be perfect for an easy triple-digit gain between now and mid- to late-November.

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