BIZM | Now That Biozoom Has Doubled, Can It Break Past $5?

BIZM Stock, BIZM Stock Review, BIZM Stock Quote, Biozoom Inc., Biozoom Stock,Double bagging in less than 3 weeks, how’s this for an idea for a Tuesday night: Walk into a bar and shout out “Who in here bought shares in the penny stock of Biozoom, Inc. (BIZM) when AimHighProfits put it on alert at $1.44?” When someone raises their hand, make them buy a round for the whole bar since, after today’s assault on the OTC, BIZM stock is up 187.5% at the close. Tell them straight up that by buying everyone a round of drinks will be just like the study which demonstrated Biozoom scanner’s ability to help users measure and manage stress for improved physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Market Cap: 255.05M
Last: 4.27 ▲ +0.57 (+15.41%)
Volume: 9,509,302
Dollar Volume: $37,807,141
Open: 3.795
High: 4.32
Low: 3.78
Trades: 4,744
14-Day Rel Strength: 95.06%
14-Day Stochastic: 98.27%
1st Resistance Point: 4.4667
1st Support Level: 3.9267

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Part of covering what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to penny stocks sometimes trickles over into the real world. My 10 year old kid asked me a week ago when he was going over the site whether or not the Biozoom scanner was something he could test out next time he went to Doctor’s office. The hard truths of trying to explain how gaining access to using state-of-the-art optics developed with Carl Zeiss is only for the Germans son was easier than to try to explain how it would likely never wind up in any U.S. facility in his lifetime.

However, Biozoom did explain yesterday, in detail, how by using the scanner, researchers from Charite Berlin, one of Europe’s largest and most respected university hospitals, joined researchers from the University of Rostock to investigate a pressing health issue facing the developed world: workplace stress. Using workplace stress as the common denominator where every “Joe” who never traded a penny stock before could buy into the idea, BIZM set a new high today at $4.32, up a cool 200% from when we initiated our bullish coverage on it.

What’s in store next for the Biozoom scanner maker, tester, designer, seller, hype-machine? Well, if you’re a midwife, ask to be moved to day shift if you’re stuck on nights since the scanner was used to measure antioxidants in the skin of a group of you. That doesn’t go for waiters, truck drivers, flight attendants, call-center agents selling stock over the phone, or milk delivery men since tests with the scanner haven’t yet been conducted by the researchers from Charite Berlin. You all will just have to wait your turn or atleast until BIZM stock hits $5 tomorrow so some more test results can be released to the public.

About BIZM Stock

Biozoom, Inc. is a development stage company that holds certain patents and licenses to technology in the field of devices that use spectroscopics to detect and measure substances within the body or other biological substances.

Click here to view the SEC filings for BIZM.
Click here to view the website for Biozoom.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
06/18/13 4.2700 +0.5700 +15.41% 8,996,245
06/17/13 3.7000 +0.5000 +15.63% 8,123,500
06/14/13 3.2000 +0.1600 +5.26% 4,005,800
06/13/13 3.0400 +0.2200 +7.80% 2,366,900
06/12/13 2.8200 -0.1800 -6.00% 10,707,600


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Bottom Line:

When you’re hot, you’re hot, but when your stock overtakes FNMA, FMCC and AAMRQ on the top traded list while leaving Awesome Penny Stocks in the gutter with their XUII leaking pump, you know you are the best penny stock on the OTC, hands down. When you come out the gates swinging on Wednesday to hit $5 and grab some dumb money to replenish the smart money that’s pulling out of BIZM, you’re likely to stay at the top of the ant hill (at least for the rest of this week).

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