BLUF | No Trees Falling Yet In the Bluforest Stock Pump

BLUF Stock, OTC BLUF, BLUF.OB, BLUF Stock Scam,  Bluforest Inc.,No bluff, the Bull Exchange and Best Damn Penny Stocks have joined forces to bring traders the penny stock of Blueforest Inc. (BLUF). Having both issued alerts at 9:31AM today with BLUF stock as their new pick, traders are in denial still wondering if the 2 websites which have been pumping some great plays for nearly a decade are one in the same now like the Awesome Penny Stocks group and the Victory Mark sites. Whatever the decision was, the carbon credit focused renewable energy company is one the top of the trade list today.

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Market Cap: 200.74M
Last: 1.94 ▲ +0.54 (+38.57%)
Volume: 347,725
Dollar Volume: $629,438
Open: 1.43
High: 2.03
Low: 1.43
Trades: 319
Authorized: 400,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 103,474,000
14-Day Rel Strength:
1st Resistance Point:
1st Support Level:

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It took only seconds for the bookers of $698,875,000 worth of carbon credits for sale to see their stock price reach approximately the price of a ½ a gallon of gas this morning. Having had just $43 in cash as per their last Q filing, Bluforest is not yet on the “timber alert” list while unsuspecting traders of the “next best thing” are accumulating shares of BLUF stock.

Common sense and subliminal messaging would indicate that the PPS increase on BLUF is just that, a bluff! However, one can never underestimate the power of pay-per-click ads to rebuild a subscriber lst when you’re the 2nd and 3rd biggest money promoters on the plant.

Despite seeing a loss of $(24,564,662) last quarter, the important issue at hand for those looking to go long on BLUF is the recent S-8 filed to amend the Company’s 2013 Stock Compensation Plan. Decreasing their available shares by 9,080,000, a maximum of just 200,000 shares of BLUF stock will be issuable under the new plan.

The decrease is the pony in the dog and pony show since, on January 25, 2013, Bluforest agreed to issue 25,000,000 shares of BLUF stock to a Creditor and/or his assignees in settlement of $150,000, $0.006 pr share. The 75,000,000 shares received by Charles Miller, the President of Bluforest and/or his assignees in settlement of accounts payable – related parties in the amount of $750,000, were atleast valued at $0.01 per share.

It all makes for a solid winner for the inside sellers of BLUF stock, even when it eventually hits the “under a dime” level in a month or so. Until then, swing trading BLUF for 5 and 10 points after this morning will be the majority of the action to see until the trees can be seen mor clearly in the forest.

About BLUF Stock

Bluforest, Inc., fka Greenwood Gold Resources, Inc. (GGRI), is a development stage company focused in the area of carbon offsets marketing which are expected to be validated and verified for sale to companies, organizations, foundations, and other entities that, for regulatory, branding, policy and corporate social responsibility reasons, wish to offset their carbon footprints to support climate change mitigation efforts.

Click here to view the SEC filings for BLUF.
Click here to view the website for Bluforest.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change Volume
08/02/13 1.4000 +0.1200 +9.38% 107,900
08/01/13 1.2800 +0.1800 +16.36% 23,800
07/31/13 1.1000 +0.1300 +13.40% 30,100
07/30/13 0.9700 -0.2100 -17.80% 80,100
07/29/13 1.1800 -0.0700 -5.60% 23,400


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Bottom Line:

If you owned BLUF prior to today in a preemptive move that it was going to be one of the promoted penny stocks by TBX or BDPS, you banged in a winner. That $2.03 HOD so far could be tested later, but, as many know, TBX plays have a tendency to gap dwn big on day 2 so be careful which branch you’re hanging onto at 3:59PM today.

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