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LVVVA method of finding the best penny stocks to buy has long been scanning for the tickers that have set new 52 week lows and even more so for al-time lows.  The method has historically proven to be effective and highly profitable in advance of a bounce run given the attention on the ticker increases and a “true bottom” appears to be in place.  With an extended decline, a 6 month absence from the press, recent filings, and some bullish sentiment, the focus on a new all-time low, LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc (OTC PINK: LVVV), has suddenly become a favorite to be a player, especially when you look at the volume traded over the past few weeks.

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LVVV Stock


Livewire Ergogenics, focused on the health conscience consumer by targeting the amateur and professional athletics communities, produces and markets nutritional dietary supplements in the form of a soft chew.  Sales have been abysmal in comparison to last year, $27,935 for the six months ended June 30, 2015 versus $181,800 for the same period last year, and cash was non-existent as of their last reporting period, a sign that, after 6 months of silence, a flurry of announcements are due to be issued.

In February, the last news released, the Company announced the release of Granultra™, LiveWire’s newest on-the-go energy snack, packing the power of nutrient-dense, wholesome granola with LiveWire energy chews.  Hopes can only be that the product packs more punch than LVVV stock has displayed, having declined -94.83% from 0.0058 to yesterday’s 52 Wk Low of 0.0003.  Note that on February 25 when the year’s only news was released, $127,947, 20,309,100 shares, traded – the highest dollar volume session of the year.

LVVV stock finally conceded to trip zero back in late July, and continued setting new all-time lows every other week or so.  Even when the latest Q was filed on August 19, no interest in LVVVV stock was sparked, but at least traders could see what was there and what had changed.  Since April 6, when LiveWire increased the authorized from 200,000,000 to 1,500,000,000, the following went out:

  • April 10, 8,000,000 shares valued at $0.0025 per share
  • April 21, 9,500,000 shares valued at $0.0025 per share
  • May 11, 10,214,706 shares valued at $0.0017 per share
  • June 23, 10,189,873 shares valued at $0.0008 per share
  • July 16, 10,214,286 shares valued at $0.0007 per share
  • July 20, 10,214,286 shares valued at $0.0007 per share
  • July 23, 10,390,211,538 shares valued at $0.0005 per share
  • July 28, 10,204,545 shares valued at $0.0004 per share
  • August 3, 10,202,703 shares valued at $0.0004 per share
  • August 10, 10,206,897 shares valued at $0.0003 per share

Even with all of that dilution, there is still a ton of convertible debt, $361,010, on the books as of June 30.  One convertible promissory note for $125,000 that went out on March 30, 2015 converted $43,750 of the principal balance into 17,500,000 shares and had a principal balance of $81,250.  Another for $38,000, due on February 14, 2016, converts at 51% of the average of the lowest three trading prices for LVVV and had a principal balance of $38,000 remaining at the end of Q2.

The lack of cash for operations, the increased number of shares, the al-time low of 0.0003 and convertible debt still needing to get bought by retail investors, combined, all lead to the suspicion that a PR flurry could pump LVVV into the spotlight.  Message boards and chat rooms are starting to change their tune about LVVV, despite the believers that are down big still chewing on the scam that still have yet to swallow their pride bashing it.

LiveWire proclaims itself as being engaged in the sale and marketing of energy chew products that deliver a blend of ingredients that provides an energy boost similar to an energy drink, such as Red Bull or 5-Hour Energy, but is about the size of a Starburst candy.  Now that LVVV shares are metaphorically equivalent in size to a microdot, a burst of attention and some news could be the recipe needed to combine these ingredients into a fall season runner.

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