LVVV | Efforts Made To Spark Livewire Ergogenics Back Up

In an effort to regain some of the Bull back in The Exchange, Sunday’s penny stock alerts on Livewire Ergogenics Inc. (LVVV) are supporting a great bounce play. Surely traders who front loaded on LVVV stock like many from our VIP list saw an immediate opportunity to sell int he 20’s for an easy double and could not complain about the performance, those who got in after the alert and held are in a nasty situation at present. With Friday’s opportunity to get some cheapies near the close, the alert updates offer a glimmer of hope for those who think they might get “Marquez’d” on yet another flopped TBX pick.

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Market Cap: 4.23M
Close: 0.0761, down -0.0749 (-49.60%)
Volume: 6,915,527
Dollar Volume: $799,163
High: 0.169
Low: 0.076
Trades: 827
Average Trade Size: 8,362

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Sunday evening, subscribers saw an update which, at the very least, showed that the support was still there from the group who pulled their last pick after just a few hours which left traders holding bags of worthless bags that couldn’t even hold cotton candy in them they were so weak. The updates read as such:

Valued Subscribers,

Over the last trading session, our latest pick LVVV has been under attack.

In what could be described as measured steps accentuated by block trades setting lower price points, the stock has been cut severely. We feel that the stock has become a victim of short sellers pressing the security lower over the last trading day. Trading volume has been good but the bottom line is the name has been under significant pressure. When the tide begins to change to the upside, short-sellers will depart, leading the way to a nice rally in the stock.

There has been ZERO negative news attached to the company, in fact over the last two trading sessions we have seen 3 great PR’s!

We strongly encourage you to explore their website:

Consider why we chose to bring LVVV to you and why we think it has the potential to be a HUGE WINNER:

1. LVVV is very proactive in its product marketing activities including many sports and entertainment venues.
2. LiveWire Energy™ chews are a unique product in the energy supplement category.
3. At about 69 cents apiece, they are less than 25% of the cost of most energy drinks.
4. The company continues the rapid expansion of LiveWire’s distribution channels and retail customer base.
5. The company plans on leveraging their regional success into a nation wide presense.
6. The company plans on several thousand new locations for their products in the NEAR TERM!
7. Very low float

If you are one of the few who has not seriously considered LVVV, there is no better time than today.

Come Monday we could see the start of a bullish trend. In light of all the recent positive news, Livewire Energy is positioning itself to be a leader in the Energy Supplement sector which is is estimated to grow to more than $20 billion in 2013.

We are fully committed to covering the LVVV story of success over the long term.

In defense to the massive sell off experienced on the day after the LVVV stock alerts were issued, last week saw some of the most aggressive “cock-blocking” ever int he penny stock markets. Not two, or three, or even four, but five huge “A” list campaign all began within a one week period into a market that has a quarter of the liquidity it had and a shorter-term mentality than it did a year ago. Due to the fake alerts and pulled promos by some of the “A” listers during the last 6 months, the love behind LVVV might be tough love and a real recovery from under a dime may just be impossible.

About LVVV Stock

Bottom Line: LVVV is undoubtedly a grest penny stock to watch on Monday for a recovery from the Friday sell-off. Albeit, the chances of a strong return to the 20’s for LVVV stock is as likely as getting someone dressed in a red costume stuck in your chimney 2 weeks from now even though got the juice and support behind it. Assuming the turn around happens, the target exit level would be in the low teens for those looking to ensure any possibility of not having this in their portfolio come 2013.

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