BreakOut Alert: Penny Stock MYOS Is Going To The Moon!

Want to go to the Moon? Buy an Astronaut. Since MYOS Corp. (OTC: MYOS) appointed Buzz Aldrin to their BOD on May 24, the penny stock has gained 134.89%. MYOS stock closed up again Tuesday at 0.3171 gaining 9.34% for its 6th positive trading session. Since the Buzz Aldrin appointment, the company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of muscle health and performance therapeutic products has had 11 of 13 trading session in the green, up, positive. And, Buzz isn’t the only one backing MYOS stock.

Translation: MOMENTUM BABY!

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MYOS Stock Chart

Market Cap: 25.35M
Price/Sales (ttm): 186.93
Price/Book (mrq): 22.31

52-Week High
(Jun 21, 2011): 0.88
52-Week Low
(Feb 9, 2012): 0.06

50-Day Moving Avg: 0.15
200-Day Moving Avg: 0.11

Avg Vol (3 month): 254,811
Avg Vol (10 day): 259,400
Shares Outstanding: 79.94M
Float: 48.72M

MYOS reported their Q1 on May 15th showing revenues of $24,541, gross profit of $15,985 with a net loss of $498,851 compared to no revenues and a net loss of $2,173,525 for the same period the year prior. More importantly, on May 22nd, MYOS signed a distribution agreement for its MYO-T12® product with Maximum Human Performance, a leading nutritional supplement marketing company. The term of the Distribution Agreement is 1 year, with an effective date for exclusivity beginning on September 29, 2012. In the event MHP achieves certain sales targets for MYO-T12®, the exclusivity provisions of the Distribution Agreement will be extended for an additional 1 or 2 years.

The Company estimates that MYO-T12® sales revenue will exceed $5 million in the first 12 months after the scheduled September 2012 product launch.

What is MYO-T12®?

MYO-T12® may contain the best muscle building compounds the sports supplement industry has ever seen. Endorsed by Legendary NHL All Star and Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky, the clinical research supports MYO-T12’s® ability to reduce myostatin, a suppressor of muscle growth. Myo-X™, will be Maximum Human Performance’s first product using MYO-T12®.

Not sure if this is the real thing? Maximum Human Performance has a VIP list of product users/endorsers (see here), their name on the #38 Nascar of front Row Motorsports, and established itself as the most trusted brand and industry leader among world-class athletes, pro bodybuilders, powerlifters, strongmen and fitness enthusiasts alike.

About MYOS Stock

Atlas Therapeutics Corp. was incorporated in Nevada on April 11, 2007 to provide mailing & shipping services. The Company changed its name to Atlas Therapeutics Corp. in May 2010. On February 25, 2011, the Company entered into an agreement to purchase certain intellectual property from Peak Wellness, Inc. Since the Acquisition, the Company’s business focus has been on the discovery, development and commercialization of therapeutic products, nutritional supplements and other technologies aimed at improving the health and performance of muscle tissue.

On May 15, 2012, Atlas Therapeutics Corp. completed a merger with its wholly-owned subsidiary, MYOS Corporation, and formally assumed the subsidiary’s name. The subsidiary was incorporated entirely for the purpose of effecting the name change and the merger did not affect the Company’s Articles of Incorporation or corporate structure in any other way. In connection with the name change, the Company’s ticker symbol was changed to “MYOS”, effective as of May 21, 2012.

MYOS is the owner of MYO-T12®, the world’s first clinically demonstrated myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin is a natural regulatory protein, which inhibits muscle growth and recovery. MYO-T12® is manufactured to optimize biological activity, which MYOS believes has the potential to redefine existing standards of physical health and wellness enhancement.

To view the SEC filings for MYOS, click here. For more information on MYO-T12® and to discover why MYOS is known as “The Muscle Company,” visit

Bottom Line: The penny stock of MYOS Corp. has some serious momentum behind it and is in full-on BreakOut mode. MYOS has been so under the radar that very few traders even know it exists which is why the positive momentum has been able to continue. Get MYOS stock on the list of penny stocks to watch before this muscles up and gains another 134.89% without you knowing about it.

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