BRGO And IDOI Battle For The Best Penny Stocks Title

IDO SecurityNot only did you get to keep your shoes on trading IDO Security Inc. (IDOI), but you most likely got a new pair for yourself to go with your new car. The news today was a “no brainer” that additional MagShoe™ scanning devices were installed in government offices throughout Israel after the suicide bomber attacks in Syria on Wednesday.

Just like we said it would on Wednesday, IDOI stock never stopped after the bell rang Thursday morning, opening at 0.405 and rising the entire trading session until closing at the HOD, 0.539., a 33% gain.

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IDOIIDOI Stock Chart – Thursday

So its 6am on Thursday and I get a call from a Israeli friend of mine who works in Manhattan in an undisclosed Company and he asks, having read the article about IDOI: “Are you serious about this shoe thing?” My response is, without any hesitation: “Dude, when was the last time you flew home? Your country has been the center of terrorism since before you were born.”  He goes on to ask me about Bergio International, Inc. (BRGO) and the jump it had wanting to know what the big deal about a $600,000 order was considering that they are doing over half that already each month.

BRGOBRGO Stock Chart – Thursday

So, as the 10 minute call ended before I could even have my morning coffee, he says was buying IDOI on the open and watching BRGO for the bid/ask before moving on it. Wouldn’t you know, I get another call at 3:45pm asking if he should sell IDOI and BRGO. Intrigued, I ask: “How much of each do you have?” His reply: “When your in New York in September buddy, all you need to do is schedule the date, all expenses, the flight, hotel, dinners are on me including tickets to the Yankees on your birthday.”

BRGO stock, by the way, opened at 0.0065 and rose as high as 0.0124, a 90.77% intraday gain, before closing up 5385% at a penny on nearly 32 million shares traded.

My one question: “Why don’t the rest of you buy me Yankees tickets?”

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