Converde Energy USA Inc. (XFUL) Continues “With Green”

XFULWith oil prices having a hard time of staying above $50 a barrel and less interest for renewable energy technologies today, penny stock traders could still see some potential gains in the sector, especially from Converde Energy USA Inc. (OTC PINK: XFUL).  Having moved out of the marijuana sector when they were known as W2 Energy, Inc. until the start of this year, XFUL shares have seen little volume along their up and down ride between 0.03 and 0.19.  When taking into account that the float is stated to be under 7 million (6,717,149 as of May 5, 2015), snooping around for the low lying fruit has proven to be profitable thus far.


XFUL Chart


Back in March, Converde Energy said they received a $2.465M purchase order from BCL Mining and Smelting in Botswana, Africa to design, fabricate and install a demonstration plant that will use locally available coal to generate electricity and produce liquid hydrocarbon fuels.  The response negligible as shares of XFUL stock slowly climbed 100% over the course of the next 3 weeks without ever topping 150,000 shares traded.

The next news to come out wasn’t until May when the announcement that XFuels, LLC was acquired by issuing 500,000 shares of XFUL stock – a deal that claimed to position the combined company as a clear leader in carbon-neutral energy solutions.  What should have been received as a very bullish reason to buy XFUL shares, an active 50/50 joint venture project for the sale of a $6M energy system producing 1MW of power, fell on deaf ears as the stock traded just over 50,000 shares on the session and ended the day, more or less, where it began.

On Thursday of last week, the company issued its most recent update, a Shareholder Update, which didn’t go into details financially about how much was in the bank and how much was due to come, but they mentioned the progress they’ve made moving forward.  If they really are banking those numbers they mentioned in previous releases, the impact of those monies will have a tremendous factor to their balance sheet and revenue report for the three months ended June 30, 2015.

It’s almost an anomaly to see such a low float ticker with stated dollar figures in the press releases to not have seen an immediate surge in volume from Joe Public and his cohorts.  Just look at Friday’s action with Mobile Broadcasting Holding Corp. (MBHC) after they mentioned Twitter and the billion dollar industry that DJ’s who perform in EDM festivals make annually.  It almost looks like Converde Energy is reporting to report, not to push shares.

Considering how close we may be to getting updated financials, albeit financials produced in MS Word, keeping a close eye on XFUL and what shares got issued during the last three months could be of value for those with patience.  There are 5 billion shares authorized and there is some convertible debt on the books as of March 31, 2015.  If all continues to be at the same pace it is now, maybe the “with green” translation of Converde can help some traders get their fill of gains from XFUL stock.


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