GDGI Stock Banking On Bouncing Off Costa Rican Banks

More indications that the big boyz are about to kick-off,  Greenway Design Group Inc. (GDGI) confirmed today its Cool-n-Save equipment received installation requests for branch offices of Banco Popular and Banco de Costa Rica. GDGI stock bounced off its lowest point ever on Thursday, 0.0024, giving penny stock traders a chance at an 83.33% intraday gain. With anticipation brewing of the “big pick” coming soon, it makes sense that the banks in Costa Rica would need to cool all the cash they’re about to have on hand.

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GDGI Stock Chart

a/o March 31, 2012:
Shares Authorized: 500,000,000
Shares Outstanding: 121,267,380
Float: 10,015,914

20 Day Percent Change: -80.75%
20 Day Moving Average: 0.0075
20 Day Average Volume: 4,412,068

Looking at the Company’s financials which were updated with OTCMarkets in June for the three months ended March 31, 2012, GDGI reported Net sales of $19,416 for the period compared to $25,476 for the same period in 2011. Gross profit was $9,037 and $11,696 respectively. With these numbers, coupled with the June announcements of testing at a Pepsi bottling facility and an order to install Cool-n-Save systems on three Korea Telecom data storage and networking facilities, its a head scratcher as to why there hasn’t been more pink love for them.

Considering this new installation is said to be valued at $49,100 and a previous contract of $59,731 for a casino in Mexico, it looks as if the Company’s plans to have installations in 760 commercial buildings over the next three years might just happen. Then again, when didn’t a pink sheets listed company with a float of only 10 million shares fulfill its business plan?

About GDGI Stock

Greenway Design Group, Inc. is the innovator of Cool-n-Save® – a unique invention that significantly reduces energy consumption of conventional air conditioning systems. It works by lowering the temperature of the air around air conditioning condensing coils that sit on the rooftops of hundreds of thousands of commercial buildings all over the world. “Pre-cooled” air allows the AC system to use as much as 30% less energy.

On June of 2011, Greenway Design Group was awarded TechAmerica’s 18th Annual High-Tech Innovation Awards for “Green Engineering,” co-sponsored by Harvey Mudd College. The award was given to Greenway in recognition for the company’s work on energy-saving evaporative pre-cool misting technology for commercial and residential central air conditioning systems. Greenway Design Group has sold more than 16,000 homeowner “kits” that feature its patented technology. The company has also sold and installed hundreds of large-scale commercial systems throughout the U.S.

Bottom Line: There’s a good chance that a mini-rally could come from the pink sheets listed penny stock off of today’s announcement. Considering that GDGI has had one high volume trading session from less than two weeks ago, there’s a chance that, without the help of a $1,500 promotional campaign, the PPS could attempt to “touch net” around 0.009 this week.

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