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COPI stock, OTC COPI, COPI stock review, COPI share price, COPI stock price, Are you a gambler when it comes to trading penny stocks? If you are, then feast your eyes on Compliance Systems Corporation (OTC: COPI), the next over priced penny stock to go on the circuit. Although shares have yet to trade at all in 2013, the 1-for-994.488567392 reverse split shares of COPI stock are prepared to gap up and explode for the first few seconds of trading Monday before imploding off the hype to-be built from, an Irish focused online gambling site. Acquisition of a sports gaming website or not, with no revenues and $130 in the bank, as of the last Q fling, its no wonder this POS, formerly trip-zero penny shares, have not traded all year.

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Market Cap: 6.18M
Last: 0.15 (December 27, 2012)
Volume: 2,300
Authorized: 2,000,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 41,170,345
14-Day Rel Strength: 52.28%
14-Day Stochastic: 0.00%

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So, you are thinking about playing the riskiest penny stock alert on the market on Monday. Let’s say you were to factor in the nearly 1-for-1,000 reverse stock split effectuated back in mid-October of 2012. The share price of COPI stock today would be $0.0001509, still too high for this non-functioning, dysfunctional, debt-strickened Company. Even the luck of the Irish with 994.488567392 leprechauns shoved up its rear end couldn’t put a valuation of the current PPS over a penny, at best.

But lets look at the bright side. No longer a shell corporation after agreeing to acquire a 70% equity ownership interest in Seaniemac Limited from RDRD II Holding LLC, roughly 71% of the then outstanding shares of COPI stock, on a fully diluted basis, were held by RDRD II Holding. This is after taking into account that the Company was forced to issue 10 million post reverse split shares by a court in Florida for $500,000 in debt due to certain creditors of the Company (10 million shares at $500,000 is a cost basis of $0.05). The creditors were as follows:

Creditor Shares Issued
Summit Trading Limited 4,000,000
GE Park LLC 2,000,000
Noetic Enterprises LLC 1,333,333
Ocean Marketing Corp. 1,333,333
Sierra Trading Corporation 1,333,333

RDRD II Holdings, LLC is beneficially owned Rina Chernaya (14.25%), Dianna Chernaya (14.25%); Robert Kessler (23.833%); Gregory Trautman (23.833%) and David Gentile (23.833%). Compliance Systems President, Barry M. Brookstein, owns just 726,805 shares of COPI stock. After stating that just over 41 million shares were outstanding after the acquisition, add it all up and you get a some numbers which look good from far, but are far form good.

There is no news out alerting the general public about the acquisition, but is surely expected to be issued come Monday morning. While they do own a website,, they clearly state in the 8-K filing that Seaniemac was recently formed in December 2011 and the website only recently became operational.

If COPI stock can trade above 0.25 or take away market share from Ladbrokes or Bet2Win by reporting revenues above $10,000 before March 17, 2013, I will personally put on a green thong bikini and do an Irish jig to post on Youtube holding a sign: COPI STOCK — I WAS WRONG! Those debt holders wo got the 10 million shares are gonna get back their money this week — mark my words.

About COPI Stock

Compliance Systems Corporation, since the acquisition of 70% equity ownership interest in Seaniemac Limited, is in the business of operating a sports gaming website for online gambling, including sports betting and casino gaming in Ireland under the brand name Click here to view the SEC filings for COPI.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
12/27/12 0.1500 unch unch 2,300
12/11/12 0.1500 -0.1500 -50.00% 4,900
12/07/12 0.3000 unch unch 700
11/30/12 0.3000 +0.1000 +50.00% 10,100
11/28/12 0.2000 unch unch 900


Bottom Line: Very few campaigns can pull off a 100% gain on a penny stock with no revenues, news or true trading history that’s priced above 0.10. Considering all the factors going for COPI stock on Monday, lack of fresh ticker competition, versus the bag full of things going against it, chances are a bet on this one may bring, at best, 20% if it is timed by a leprechaun himself. One thing you can bet on is that COPI stock is about to embark on its largest volume trading session in its history.

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