Cuba Beverage Co. (CUBV): The Next Monster Energy Drink?

¡Oye Mi Gente! On the heels of the rumor that Monster Beverage Corp. (Nasdaq: MNST) may be bought out by Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO), no shares, not one, have traded on the penny stock of Cuba Beverage Company (Pinksheets: CUBV) in the last two trading sessions. Cause for concern for a company which just released their financials on May 1st or is something brewing at energy drinks’ headquarters that investors should look into?

Cuba (CUBV) is an innovative beverage company trying to grow its footprint in an industry rife with ordinary drinks. Cuba Herbal Energy Juice is the first 100% all natural herbal energy drink with a unique, yet simple balance of premium ingredients and natural flavors that avoids the unhealthy cardiac stimulants which are common to other energy drinks. Shares in the pinksheets penny stock are currently priced at 10 cents.

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CUBV Stock Chart:

Market Cap: 5.03M
Shares Outstanding: 50.26M
Float 18.00M

52 Week High
(3/28/2012) 0.125
52 Week Low
(10/6/2011) 0.002

5 Day Pct Change: -4.21%
10 Day Pct Change: 19.05%
20 Day Pct Change: 100%
30 Day Pct Change: 566.67%
50 Day Pct Change: 900%
100 Day Pct Change: 1,150%

The Market CUBV is Entering:

The “energy beverage” market is seeing explosive growth that is predicted to top $17 Billion in sales in North America alone. Energy drinks have become the fastest growing sector within the beverage industry. Sales are expected to top Coke and Pepsi in the next ten years. CUBA Herbal Energy Juice ™ is one of the first all-natural energy products on the market and continues to be an unparalleled leader in the health and wellness category.

Fact: If in December, 1995 you invested $1,000 into Monster Beverage Corp. when it traded at $0.59 and still held it today, your $1,000 would be worth over $150 thousand, a gain of over 15,000%.

About CUBV:

The Company is doing business throughout the United States and in select markets around the World. CUBV currently produces 3 great-tasting unique Herbal Energy Juice flavors;

  • Pomegranate-Cranberry,
  • Wild Berry and
  • Passion Fruit-Orange

CUBA Beverage was developed in response to strong demand for energy beverages. Healthy all-natural CUBA Herbal Energy Juice is in an exploding market of energy beverages. CUBA Herbal Energy Juice was one of the first all-natural energy products on the markets and continues to be a leader in the health and wellness category.

Energy Drinks have now become the fastest growing sector within the beverage industry; however, there has always been a health concern over the market leading brands because of their high sugar and caffeine content. CUBA Herbal Energy Juice was developed in response to an increasing demand for a healthy alternative to the existing energy drink products available to the consumer via a mass distribution model.

CUBA Herbal Energy Juice was developed under the direction of top industry scientists with the focus of creating viable, healthy and good tasting alternatives to the current array of existing products. Choice of ingredients was a major concern and focal point of early development and distinguishes CUBV from its competition.

CUBV stands out as an alternative to soft drinks and to energy beverages. CUBV‘s ingredients represent a healthy allnatural alternative to existing products. The premise behind the introduction of CUBA Herbal Energy Juice over three years ago was to provide a healthy fat-free boost of energy that would not result in an after the fact crash but instead provide a healthy and steady flow of energy.

CUBV has trademarked the names “CUBA,” “CUBA Herbal Energy Juice,” “CUBA Beverage Company,” and “CUBAtini” (CUBAtini is still in the registration process and has not yet been approved). Other than CUBAtini, the Patent and Trademark Office have approved these trademarks for publication.

CUBV has strong marketing and distribution contacts in the U. S., the Caribbean, & Mexico, and throughout Central and South America. They are placing a high importance on exportation to Latin America. The declining dollar has given rise to various Latin American opportunities and has increased their ability to import from the U. S. The Company has also exported into Africa.

With a weak dollar, CUBV has found great markets internationally and a strong reception to the brand, the packaging and the all-natural ingredients.

CUBV has a great opportunity to establish a footprint as a Health & Wellness leader. While other Industry leaders are focused on mimicking line extensions, they are missing the chance to put a foothold into the Health & Wellness Category. This opportunity will not go away, but will continue to grow as more and more schools & work places opt to provide a healthy choice directly to their students and employees.

Red Bull was firmly established as the #1 Energy Drink. No other brand with any significant market share was able to loosen the foothold Red Bull had created.

In 2001, Rockstar and Monster Energy launched a brand proposition, “twice the size for the same price“. This opportunity allowed competition to drive the market.

Now, 5 brands stand firmly at the top and they continue to grow in the billions of dollars in revenue each year. All Energy Drinks today are loaded with extremely high doses of caffeine and taurine and none are 100% natural. The opportunity for CUBV to produce a functional Energy Drink armed as caffeine free, taurine free, and 100% natural is one of the attributes that has lead to their success.

CUBV Plan of Operation:

CUBV expects to raise $1 million in the next 6 months, which will be used to support current U.S. markets, adding additional sales reps and putting more wrapped vehicles on the streets, and to increase international sales. CUBV will be working with top distributors in Southern California and South Florida and will work to increase sales volume in these markets over the next 12 months.

Proceeds from sales will be put back into the company in order to further build the brand.

Many consumers now prefer a healthy alternative to the numerous energy drinks on the market. CUBV is one of the only all-natural energy juice beverages on the market and we expect to gain significant market share for this reason. CUBV will sponsor numerous sampling events throughout the year, which have become the most cost-effective means of promoting the brand and have directly led to increased sales.

CUBV expects its sales to increase dramatically as a result of these efforts. CUBV will bring on additional employees as needed to provide support in the markets.

CUBA Herbal Energy Juice ™, is currently distributed by San Diego based Cuba Beverage Company throughout the United States and in select markets around the world. CUBA Herbal Energy Juice ™ is available in numerous locations in Florida, California and the Caribbean. CUBA Herbal Energy Juice ™ is also available in schools in Southern California and South Florida as well as hospitals in select areas.

Energy drink makers are not required by the Food and Drug Administration to list the caffeine content on the label. Experts, including editors at caution that children shouldn’t consume more than 100mg of caffeine per day. Currently most energy drinks contain 100-300mg per 8oz can. Several schools and hospitals have banned the sale of soda and traditional energy drinks.

Bottom Line: Penny stocks of beverage companies, especially energy drinks, have been huge attractions to investors. 30 years ago if you sat down and pitched a business plan of bottling water and selling it, you would have been laughed out the building. Today, bottled water is a multi-billion dollar industry.

CUBV is a penny stock to add to your radar screen and monitor. They have no sales reported for quarter ended March 31, 2012. As with many start-ups, a cash injection and proper marketng plan could send CUBV into a revenue generating machine considering the brand name and the ingredients.

 CUBA Herbal Energy Juice ™: No monsters, no fear, no bull, just pure healthy energy!


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