Treat Yourself To Some Twistee Treat Corp. (TSEE)

TSEE Stock, Lawrence Twombly, Twistee Treat Corp. ,V Group Inc., andDrinksEvery penny stock trader knows that energy drink related tickers are good ones to have on their watch list. Our first alert of the year, Drinks Americas Holdings, Ltd. (DKAM), was issued at just 0.078 and look where it is now, up over 100% still after closing at 0.0162 yesterday (HOD was 0.0177). Hence why, if you have any inkling of getting in early why you should be watching out for Twistee Treat Corp. (TSEE) to see its first shares trade this year now that Lawrence Twombly is involved and 603 Beverages Inc., aka V Group Inc., aka And Drinks, is what is really the treat to this recent twist.

Update: Effective April 9, Twistee Treat Corp. (TSEE) changed to V Group, Inc. (VGID) after 1-for-85 split.

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TSEE Stock Quote

Market Cap: 59.76K
Last: 0.0031
Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 9,395,067
Float: 1,284,768

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Twistee Treat Corp. was originally set up to operate and franchise soft-serve ice cream, non-fat, soft-serve yogurt, non-dairy soft-serve desserts and and an assortment of other foods and beverages in freestanding Twistee Treat cone-shaped buildings. About 10 years ago, November, 2003, customer demand was poor so they shut down operations and focused on developing their own product line.

That was what was up until November, 2013.

Lawrence Twombly, connected to Cuba Beverage (CUBV) and Hall of Fame Beverage (HFBG) is now running things with 50,000,000 Series A Preferred shares of TSEE stock. Twomboly’s claim to fame is as President of Cold Drink Division at Hat Trick Beverage, Inc. (HKBV) where he was forecasting $5 million in sales back in 2005 which never happened.

Twombly was also Chief Executive Officer of Fima, Inc. (FIMA) until September 2012. All of the Company’s he’s been CEO of hail out of a small strip mall in Carlsbad, CA.

However, the big picture of TSEE stock is what’s really the guts and glory of why it should be on your radar screen prior to today’s open. TSEE last traded back in mid-December, 2013 at 0.0031. Twistee Treat Corp. just became current filers on the OTC with the most recent filing, V Group Inc.s annual report showing, as of December 31, 2013:

  • Cash: $1,033.50
  • Accounts Receivable: $$7,520
  • Inventory (Finished Goods): $10,754
  • Convertible Debt: $73,500
  • Net Sales FYE: $421,808
  • Gross Profit: $21,470
  • Net Income FYE: $12,812

V Group, or andDrinks, offers their “flagship” brand to take advantage of the gap left in the “trendsetter” group of the consumer beverage market. Doing business as “and”, and’s initial launch is in 4 extremely refreshing flavors:

• Outrageous Orange – a smooth blend of orange, white grape and passion fruit formulated to maximize vitamin intake;
• Powerful Purple – a carefully conceived mixture of blueberry, pomegranate and acai formulated for maximum antioxidant benefits;
• Raw Green – a unique blend of green tea, oleander flower with wheatgrass extract for natural molecular cleansing; and
 Love Red – a delicious combination of 12 fruit juices to utilize the body’s natural ability to absorb nutrients.

According to their business plan. all 4 flavors of and have been carefully developed to optimize the balance of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and a proprietary organic sweetener containing fiber.

What’s for sure is that news is going to flow out soon and TSEE stock will start to see some volume this year. When it occurs, traders who were lucky enough to get into TSEE could see some 10-bagger or better gains, selling into a sure-to-come promo of TSEE stock of course. The rest will just be bag holders like was with every other ticker Twombly has been linked to.

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About TSEE Stock

Twistee Treat Corp., dba V Group, Inc., is a development stage beverage company created to provide the very best in cutting edge beverage products aimed at a constantly evolving consumer base.

Click here to view the financial filings for TSEE.
Click here to view the website for V Group.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
12/18/13 0.0031 0.0031 0.0031 0.0031 unch unch 1,100
11/26/13 0.0031 0.0031 0.0031 0.0031 unch unch 700
11/15/13 0.0031 0.0031 0.0031 0.0031 unch unch 300
08/26/13 0.0031 0.0031 0.0031 0.0031 unch unch 19,300
07/31/13 0.0031 0.0031 0.0031 0.0031 unch unch 300


Bottom Line:

Beverage related penny stocks are always big winners for those who prepare in advance and get in early enough. TSEE will undoubtedly begin to show signs of life and those in under .05 are set to embark on a massive ride upwards. Yes, they report there being only 1.28 million shares in the float, but you can bet your bottom dollar a heck of a lot more will trade when TSEE officially launches. You see the news today on CUBV? That’s called robbing Peter to pay Paul.

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