MNST: The Quest For The Next Monster Penny Stocks

On a cold day in December, 1995, roughly $300K traded on the penny stock of Hansen Natural Corp. between 0.62 and 0.59 per share. After a few stock splits along the way, those Monster Beverage Corp. (MNST) shares carry an adjusted price of roughly $0.04. If only investors knew then that those 4 cent shares now would be valued at $66.78, and that just $1,000 invested then would be worth well over $1.6 million today.

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One of these 10 beverage stocks may just be the next Monster Beverage:

Hangover Joe’s Holding Corp. (HJOE

Friday Close: 0.215, down -0.085 (-28.33%)
Volume: 123,590

Bebida Beverage Company, BeBevCo (BBDA)

Friday Close: 0.0045, up 0.0008 (21.62%)
Volume: 114,554,742

Full Motion Beverage Inc. (FMBV)

Friday Close: 0.016
Volume: 0

Cuba Beverage Company (CUBV)

Friday Close: 0.10, up 0.01 (11.11%)
Volume: 53,705

Nuvonyx Inc. (NVNX)

Friday Close: 0.0175
Volume: 0

Pulse Beverage Corp. (PLSB)

Friday Close: 0.53
Volume: 70,466

Vampt America Inc. (VMPT)

Friday Close: 1.05
Volume: 0

Barfresh Food Group Inc. (BRFH)

Friday Close: 0.51, down -0.03 (-5.56%)
Volume: 14,830

Celsius Holdings Inc. (CELH)

Friday Close: 0.341, down -0.049 (-12.56%)
Volume: 42,180

Premier Beverage Group (PBGC)

Friday Close: 0.01
Volume: 1,800

Attitude Drinks, Inc. (ATTD)

Friday Close: 0.0007
Volume: 2,747,340

Bottom Line: Could any of these penny stocks be the next Monster Beverage Corporation (MNST) which is set to announce the results for its second quarter ended June 30, 2012 on Wednesday after the close of the market? It’s highly unlikely since the three listed that we think have a sustainable future will likely get gobbled up in an acquisition before they have a chance to mature the way MNST did. Amazing that in 17 years, $1,000 would be worth $1.67 million today. (see here)

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