How Many 10 Baggers Can AimHighProfits Pick This Summer?

Make Money Trading Penny StocksAs we enter what many consider to be the last month traders have a chance to make money on penny stocks until the summer is over, consider the fact that we brought 2 “10 baggers” to traders last summer. Both Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PPHM) and Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA) were penny stocks we brought to the attention of our subscribers last year which, during the course of the summer months, brought those who got in gains of over 1,000% while most traders were basking in the sun on a beach in the South of Spain.

The point to bringing this topic up is that, we call it like we see it and if even a bull has tits, we won’t be the ones to tell you to go milk ’em. Look at Lot78 Inc. (LOTE) 1,152% maximum gains since we issued our alert on March 13 and is still up over 800%. Last summer it was Bebida Beverage’s BBDA that we dropped out in June to watch it run for gains of 1,143%. The point is making money on a medium-term to long-term penny stock shouldn’t be a trade you need to watch over like a pot of boiling water… you’ll go crazy if you do that!

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Use Yahoo For What It’s Worth

One of the best FREE resources penny stock traders have at their disposal which is used so rarely by traders is Yahoo Finance. By just spending 2 minutes tops, anyone with a mouse and keyboard can set up a list of up to 200 ticker symbols in a portfolio to watch which not only gives you 15 min delayed quotes (which are useless), but gives you the updated PR announcements and Seeking Alpha articles for each of the tickers.

Many traders spend hundreds of dollars a month buying up data stream packages like Quotemedia and DDAmanda when the same resources are there for you for free if you just take the time and effort to set up a portfolio of tickers you’re watching. It sounds so idiotic to even mention doing this, but even the disciples of Timmy are versed quite well on the importance of having as much information as possible at your disposal each morning prior to a trading session. Having it all lumped into to one simple page that’s easy to navigate makes life that much simpler for those who live life on the run.

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Since the summer months are closing in on us all and the old Wall Street adage of “Sell in May and go away” still holds true, even on the OTC markets, keeping up with the non-pumped penny stocks for chances to see double, triple, even 10 bagger percentage gains this summer is something no one can afford to miss out on.

Analyst Ratings Network

Here is another FREE service to become acquainted to as the summer months draw closer. Analyst Ratings Network offers anyone an opportunity to subscribe to their FREE email service which provides a daily update of all the stocks on the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX that have had their coverage upgraded, downgraded, or initiated by one of the Wall Street analyst houses. Sure if Pfizer (NYSE: PZE) got upgraded from a “buy” to a “strong buy”, it might not be the information you are looking for, but this is how we discovered Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: PPHM) last year at just 0.426.

It wasn’t long before PPHM stock ran the whole summer, up until late September actually, to a high of $5.55 for gains of over 1,200%.

Another pick which came from this FREE service that a large number of our traders took advantage of off of our write-up was Quiksilver (NYSE: ZQK) which, at the time, was trading at just $2.49 and hated by most analysts. After a number of “sell” ratings were issued to it, a look at their numbers showed it to be oversold and, assuming you bought ZQK stock and fell asleep, you’d be up 162% today.

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These are just a couple of examples of how to stay active trading penny stocks and making money during the summer if all you know how to do is play promos on the OTC markets. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, you will notice that we will be covering some of the big board listed penny stocks again, just like last year, and, just like last year, doubles, triples and even a possible 10 bagger or two will be discovered here making this website one you want to make sure to be a subscriber and visit daily as the heat kicks in across the northern hemisphere.

Bottom Line:

We know penny stocks and making it a habit to visit this website daily will be one of the greatest investment tools you can add to your selection of resources when looking for ways to make money on small-cap stocks and the OTC markets.

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