A List of the Best Penny Stocks to Watch for Wednesday

If yesterday was a bit of a slow start for you getting back into the swing of things after the long weekend, AGR Energy Inc. (OTC: AGRT) and Freeze Tag Inc. (OTC: FRZT) gave you some energy to warm up those trading opportunities. The two were  the best penny stocks in the last trading session that actually had some heavy action to them.

So, how do you do a cameo to that? You can’t, but they are just two of the best penny stocks to watch for Wednesday which include:

• AGR Energy Inc. (OTC: AGRT): $0.502
• Freeze Tag Inc. (OTC: FRZT): $0.05
• Cuba Beverage Inc. (OTC: CUBV): $0.137
• Omni Ventures Inc. (OTC: OMVE): $0.209
• Oryon Technologies Inc. (OTC: ORYN): $0.96
• Satcon Technology Corp. (Nasdaq: SATC): $0.3604
• Data Storage Corporation (OTCBB: DTST): $0.31
• SUTIMCo International (OTC: SUTI): $0.01

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What You Need To Know

• Asian Markets dumped while you slept with Hong Kong’s Hang Seng dropping -1.9%. Europe was no better which is pushing U.S. futures to a negative open like a crabby spouse who didn’t get enough sleep last night.
• Heard You Need A Loan Frederico: The European Commission said today it is willing to dig in its own pockets to directly recapitalize banks through the • • European Stability Mechanism, the permanent €500 Billion bailout fund set to go into effect this summer. People are already lining up to open accounts under the name Frederico.
• Borrowing money for Italy got more expensive by the tune of 6% when the spaghetti and meatballs makers auctioned 10-year debt. Yields jumped to 6.03% on bonds maturing this year. On a separate note, a two year loan to the founders of the Inquisition jumped to 5.11%.
• Euro-area economic confidence hit its lowest since Santa never showed up in December of 2010, falling to 90.6 from 92.9 a month earlier. Economists figured the May reading would come in at 91.9 but a different radio station was chosen on the FM dial.
• No in Spain is still promounced No just with a deeper echo on the O which is what the European Central Bank said about claims that it had advised Spain on major bank recapitalization.
• BUY GAS! Brent crude futures fell below $105 per barrel for the first time since December. CORRECTION: BUY GAS was a post it note my son left on my steering wheel.
• Research in Motion Ltd. (Nasdaq: RIMM) said that it has hired JP Morgan and RBC to advise them on strategic options. The company also said it would post a first quarter operating loss and continue to layoff employees. Word of Advice to RIMM: Don’t hire a firm that just lost $2 billion dollars and can’t find the cookie crumb trail that leads to the cookie monster.
• The heir apparent to the Republican Legacy last left by “W”, Mitt Romney secured the Republican nomination for the presidential race after winning the primary in Texas against David Koresh, Mark Cuban and a guy who played the mechanic in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 3.

And, the Best Penny Stocks To Watch Today and Why:

AGR Energy Inc. (OTC: AGRT) – MoMo, TBX Play
Freeze Tag Inc. (OTC: FRZT) – MoMo, Great Company
Cuba Beverage Inc. (OTC: CUBV) – $500K Financing Deal
Omni Ventures Inc. (OTC: OMVE) – $1.5M No Dilution Financing Deal
Oryon Technologies Inc. (OTC: ORYN) – MoMo, 5 Consecutive Positive Trading Days
Satcon Technology Corp. (Nasdaq: SATC) – Short Squeeze Play
Data Storage Corporation (OTCBB: DTST) – Group Promo, Cloud Play
SUTIMCo International (OTC: SUTI) – MoMo PSA Play

Bottom Line: As you can see, GWBU is not on the list of penny stocks to watch today. GWBU stock has churned like butter now for over a week just milking out the money from those hard mailers. Once it slows, the PPS will likely jump from APS support before the crash. Feeling lucky? AMWI Crash: 53 minutes, NSRS Crash: 47 minutes, SNPK Crash: under 40 minutes.

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And Remember to Always:

  • Do Your Own Research.
  • Trade Responsibly.
  • Verify Everything.
  • Move Fast or Get Left Behind.
  • Do not Use Market Orders to Enter a Position, Use Limit Orders.
  • Have a System That fits You.
  • If a Stock Gaps Open, Look for Pullbacks to Enter.
  • Plan a Trade and Trade a Plan.
  • Always Use Stop Loss Orders to Protect Yourself.
  • Positive Attitude / Positive Self- Belief.
  • Keep Penny Stock Trading as Part of a Balanced life.
  • If a Stock Breaks Below Our Alert Price GET OUT. Do not wait.
  • View Trading as a Score in Points and Not In Money:
  • Always Take Your Profits Whenever You Can. Do Not Be Greedy.
  • Work Hard at Learning How to Trade Properly and Keep Working.
  • Do Something to make Someone Else’s Life Better Today.

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