DCLT | Data Call Technologies Deja Vu From One Year Ago

You gotta think that Tim Vance, CEO and President of DataCall Technologies, Inc. (DCLT) , is doing the Harlem Shuffle today after Psycho alerted on the dormant penny stock. Nearly 3 months after reporting net profit of $8,395 for the year ended December 31, 2012 on sales of $556,363, DCLT stock has returned to the level it sporadically traded at a year ago when it was pumped for a day back then. Even though just over 300% was achievable if timed perfectly, the once hottest promoter on the OTC has managed to drum up just over $200,000 in dollar volume and failed to be in the lunchtime top 10 penny stocks traded list:

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded as of 11:57AM

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
SOUL 1.25 -3.10% 1,989,635 1,550,365 1,190
XUII 0.346 +3.59% 1,612,467 4,746,915 808
FNMA 1.53 -0.65% 5,695,203 3,698,680 732
SANB 0.66 +10.00% 1,199,912 1,800,698 730
AFFY 1.59 -8.09% 2,161,545 1,321,461 712
PSON 0.67 -22.99% 1,124,842 1,515,191 518
AEGY 0.0031 -3.13% 361,383 101,384,004 501
LQMT 0.172 +17.01% 965,199 5,824,114 463
SGLB 0.0455 +6.06% 622,911 13,609,646 392
FMCC 1.42 -0.70% 2,790,958 1,947,886 385

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DataCall’s DCTL is currently in the 15th position for the most actively traded OTC stocks with 335 trades executed. What is more interesting though is the #1 most traded OTC listed stock for today, AMR Corp. (AAMRQ), which at $5.97 is technically not a penny stock.

Back in the beginning of 2012, we said that American Airlines’ AAMRQ stock would be the best penny stock to buy to start the year. Patience paid off, even for hose who didn’t get the message until as late as a year ago when we kept on updating on why you should be buying it at under 0.35.

Hitting a high of $6.20 today, almost $1 shy of its $7.15 high set back in May, imagine this scenario… you took our advice to check out AAMRQ stock when it was in the low 0.30’s and picked up $5,000 worth. Those 16,667 shares today would be worth $99,501 – a gain of only $94,501!

Xumanii’s XUII is churning, not willing to collapse even though Victory Mark started the pump 3 months ago today and Awesome Penny Stocks, their parent company, joined the party almost 2½ months ago. Common sense would have dictated that the Mac Miller concert would be the plug-pulling event for the pump, but no, promises of 500% from its current position were alerted just after the opening bell today.

Earlier Tina posted how Sanborn Resources’ SANB should be on every traders watchlist for this month and they made sure that it happened. Still not having released any news or updates about their mining venture in Peru since their name change and stock split, SANB stock is rocking their 3rd rally n just under a month.

Petrosonic Energy, Inc. is still alive and kicking 10 months after PSON stock became an active ticker for traders to flip. PSON is stuck smack dab in between the two housing giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Another one of those “buy these two stocks now while they are under 0.30” alerts we were shouting about last summer.

Again, $5,000 in either one of those at 0.30 from our recommendations would be worth $25,500 on FNMA stock and $23,667 on FMCC stock – gains of $20,500 and $18,667, respectively.  And people say you can’t make money on penny stocks.

About DCLT Stock

Data Call Technologies, Inc. is focused on integrating their cutting-edge information delivery solutions that are currently deployed by the media, and put them within the control of retail and commercial enterprises.

Click here to view the SEC filings for DCLT.
Click here to view the website for Data Call Technologies.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change Volume
07/29/13 0.0110 unch unch 5,000
07/24/13 0.0110 unch unch 200
07/18/13 0.0110 unch unch 1,500
07/17/13 0.0110 -0.0075 -40.54% 1,400
07/11/13 0.0185 -0.0095 -33.93% 500


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Bottom Line:

To quote what we said on July 31, 2012 verbatim, “Add DCLT to the one-and-done list of penny stocks.” Almost one year exactly from the last time Psycho pumped DCLT stock, a whole new batch of bag holders were born today all saying t themselves “why didn’t I just buy AAMRQ, FNMA or FMCC a year ago?”

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