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DMH International Inc., DMHI, DMHI stock, Touch Medical Solutions Inc., TMSI, Traders who lost their shirts and shorts by holding shares in the penny stock of Nutra Pharma Corporation (OTC: NPHC) at any time other than August to October 2012 rally will get another chance to do it again very soon. Rik J. Deitsch, Founder, Chairman and current CEO of the bankrupt biotech Company has taken a on a new venture and reverse merged into a Carrillo, Huettel & Zouvas, LLP incubated shell corp: DMH International Inc. (OTC: DMHI). The newest money grab is as Touch Medical Solutions, Inc., a picture archiving and communication system (“PACS”) solution and medical software provider. Because shares of DMHI stock made their second public appearance of the year, the “red” light indicator that the pump may be soon turned on is now engaged.

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DMHI Stock Structure

Market Cap: 40.25M
Last: 0.25
Authorized: 250,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 161,000,000

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Changes in ticker symbol are still subject to change (as hopefully are some seed capital to bring the new entities website into the 21st century) since the abbreviation for Touch Medical Solutions, Inc., “TMSI,” is not a ticker symbol being used currently. Beyond that change, the structure of DMH International Inc. was already set up and readied when the Company effectuated a 40-for-1 forward split back in November and changed, for the third time, sole directors from Jon-Marc Garcia to Jorge R. Urrea to now Rik J. Deitsch.

DMH International was originally set up to sell a clothing line called “Dale Mas” (see here) which catered to the disposable income sector of the attire market of street wear, offering t-shirts, hoodies, and caps with various designs by young and upcoming designers and artists as well as Dri-Fit sportshirts to long sleeve thermals with the “Dale Mas” (English translation: “Give More”) logo.

The subliminal in the name alone would have been able to bring in a few extra coins on top if you believe in psychological sales tactics.

Now, DMHI stock, another Carrillo Huettel set up, is set to be pumped solely around Touch Medical Solutions, Inc. The Company plans to offer a suite of medical software products which consists of three products:

• PACS – a Picture Archive and Control System application, which is the current standard for displaying diagnostic quality medical images electronically;
• EMR – an Electronic Medical Records application, which is part of a new and evolving standard for the capture, storage and dissemination of patient medical information, and the integration of the healthcare environment; and
• Practice Management – a TMSI product containing all of the functionality needed to run a radiology practice, or indeed, any small to medium medical practice, regardless of specialty. Basically, a Quicken type software for a medical practice.

Within the reverse merger details in the 8-K filing, it states that Touch Medical Solutions hopes to bring a fully integrated PACS/RIS/EMR package to market within a realistic time frame in order to meet FDA and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 standards, starting with an innovative EMR framework as a basis for future product expansions.

The target date for a combined PACS/RIS/EMR solution marketing plan is by October 2013 under the Company’s brand, July, 2013 during qualification and certification, aka “pre-market.”

Essentially, DMH International Inc. is now Touch Medical Solutions, Inc. after 25 million shares of DMHI stock were issued to TMSI shareholders while 136 million shares of DMHI stock remain with the existing shareholders, 100 million with Jorge R. Urrea and 36 million with                “fill in the blank.”

The sexiness of a story line is there for tons of “Obamacare” incentive laden, reimbursement, new requirements type headlines to be thrown out for a good 8 days while DMHI stock is pushed into inboxes around the planet as the next best penny stock ever. As long as history does not repeat itself from Rik J. Deitsch current venture (see 3 year chart below), except for the August to October 2012 run, traders may want to have DMHI stock on their radar screens prior to any awareness campaigns.

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Note: The South Florida Business Journal ran an article titled “Nutra Pharma Corp. Faces Involuntary Bankruptcy” on August 31, 2012 (see here). The news did nothing at all to affect the bullish pattern NPHC stock displayed for the 10 weeks it ran gaining 790%. So much for bad press.

About DMHI Stock

DMH International Inc. recently acquired 100% of the outstanding shares of Touch Medical Solutions Inc., a medical software development and solutions consulting company specializing in providing customized radiology and clinical practice applications. Click here to view the SEC filings for DMHI.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
01/31/13 0.2500 +0.2000 +400.00% 15,000
01/10/13 0.0500 unch unch 10,000


Bottom Line: DMHI, or possibly TMSI (if they change the symbol) deserves to be watched since many, if not all, penny stocks associated with the Carrillo Huettel group have been pumped. Until some significant chatter builds up or either Awesome Penny Stocks or Victory Mark are about to release a new pick, this can be one of those “check in once a week” scans.

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