EDXC | Endexx Plans To Get High Off Marijuana Today

EDXC Stock, EDXC.PK, PINK EDXC, Endexx Corp., Marijuana Stocks, penny stocks,When does $0 current assets (this includes cash and receivables) and $0 revenues as of March 31, 2013 ignite a penny stock’s price to gain an obscene amount in a short period of time? That test is being proven today as Endexx Corp. (PINK: EDXC) and the valueless portion of their one billion available shares gains even more support from the marijuana field. Announcing today that their M3 Hub is being readied for the multi-billion dollar medical marijuana growth industry, why shouldn’t EDXC stock be a high flyer on the watch lists since every good idea with no money behind it always works out as planned in penny stock land.

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Market Cap: 15.50M
Friday Close: 0.091 ▼ -0.0050 (-5.21%)
Open: 0.096
High: 0.096
Low: 0.09
Authorized: 1,000,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 170,368,729
14-Day Rel Strength: 52.95%
14-Day Stochastic: 51.67%
1st Resistance Point: 0.0947
1st Support Level: 0.0887

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Endexx Corp has no money or revenues, but because they have a billion shares authorized and mention marijuana in their proposed launch of the M3 Hub (something I have researched for 20 minutes and still can’t figure out what it is other than a database of possible medical marijuana clients). Seeing how EDXC stock was a sub penny stock just 3 months ago before they mentioned the word marijuana once in a PR release, assume the position when planning the trade.

State can pass all the laws they want, but until the U.S. Government makes a formal decision, marijuana will continue to be a “grey law” area for those who are expecting Companies like Endexx Corp. to be the pioneers of an industry which could be worth billions. While the industry will remain at risk until the federal government definitively changes its legal position on medical marijuana, EDXC stock is gonna see its volume surge based on their M3 Hub and plans to position it to elevate cannabis industry participants up to pharmacy grade and clinical level compliance, as well as security standards, both at the State level and in anticipation of changes in the Federal Government’s current policies and laws regarding medical marijuana.

How they do any of this with $0 cash or current assets as of 29 days ago will be the real miracle.

About EDXC Stock

Endexx Corporation is a development stage company which claims to be representing the interest of its shareholders and collaborating with independent software developers, scientists, engineers, and other companies to build businesses that can thrive collectively in the equity markets by recognizing that, individually, small companies with new technologies have an extremely difficult time sustaining themselves as stand-alone companies.

Click here to view the financial filings for EDXC on OTCMarkets.
Click here to view the website for Endexx.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
04/26/13 0.0910 -0.0050 -5.21% 65,300
04/25/13 0.0960 unch unch 84,200
04/24/13 0.0960 +0.0016 +1.69% 98,400
04/23/13 0.0944 +0.0044 +4.89% 291,600
04/22/13 0.0900 +0.0081 +9.89% 153,000


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Bottom Line:

EDXC is on the move today and worth watching at the open. If a gap open higher than .10 can be avoided, the EOD losses penny stock traders who don’t flip realize should be less than -20%. EDXC stock is for flippers only and only those flippers who can handle the enormous risk.

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