Energy Edge Technologies’ EEDG Up Over 10,000% in 7 Weeks

When the Clotamin Kool Aid got passed around, many SNPK shareholders were drunk on gains and refused to sell until it was too late. The same might be happening for the shareholders in the penny stock of Energy Edge Technologies Corp. (EEDG)  whose stock price has gained 10,316.67% since its April 9th low of 0.0012. The Company’s expansion of their original partnership agreement with Drinkable Air seems to have been the helium the stock needed to get into the trading spotlight.

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EEDG Stock Chart

Market Cap: 8.17M
Shares Outstanding: 84.26M
Float 44.27M

Percentage Changes
5 Day: 162.16%
10 Day: -34.01%
20 Day: 125.58%
30 Day: 177.14%
50 Day: 3,244.83%

The Company has been utilizing its access to spread the word quite freely these last few months. However the most recent two have the Company stating their stance about the lack of quality in the drinking water in Africa. If memory serves me correctly, the late and incredibly beautiful Princess Diana was a major voice to that issue as are U2’s Bono and the extreme Hollywood couple of Angelina and Brad as well as George Clooney.

The newest announcement of strengthening their relationship with Drinkable Air includes an extensive profit sharing program, wide ranging exclusivity provisions, and the placement of Dr. Benjamin Chavis and Frank Campanaro of Energy Edge onto Drinkable Air’s Board of Directors.

Drinkable Air is a world leader in water generation from humidity in the air we breathe. Its patented ozone technology converts moisture from the atmosphere into an unlimited supply of pure drinking water. The company is in the final phase of testing a solar-powered machine that can have enormous impact on the water crisis that plagues many parts of Africa and the Caribbean. The new machine is planned to be unveiled at a July 4th event in Ft Lauderdale.

Note: There is no stock consideration attached to this Agreement.

About EEDG Stock

Energy Edge Technologies Corporation provides energy engineering and services specializing in the development and implementation of advanced, turnkey projects to reduce energy losses and increase the efficiency of new and existing buildings. The Company is comprised of professional and industrial engineers, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (“LEED”) Accredited Professionals, and Green Building Coalition Certifying Agents. Energy Edge is a Clean Energy Pay for Performance Partner and a Smart Start Building Trade Ally. The Company’s custom designed projects are developed using proprietary methods and maximize energy savings by treating an entire facility based on its unique features and electricity and gas usage.

To view the SEC filings for EEDG, click here.

Bottom Line: There are some serious doubts about this penny stock and the mass capabilities of this Drinkable Air machine. EEDG is one of the hot penny stocks and for that, should be watched closely. Fort Lauderdale is the stomping grounds of Tim Richards (“hey, that’s my name”) and surely, he will be staggering through the crowd on the beach in search of Drinkable Air, Bottomless Mojitos and Topless uhmmmm, Automobiles. Yeah, Automobiles.

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