Energy Is Building Up For Liberated Energy (LIBE)

LIBE Stock, Liberated Energy Inc., Frank PringleHaving a better than tremendous March thus far, Frank Pringle’s creation with the penny stock of Liberated Energy, Inc. (LIBE) has begun to create a real buzz. The Company’s “Guard-Lite”, a revolutionary hybrid lighting and security system, has been their guiding light thus far as shares of LIBE stock have risen over 180% since the start of the month. While rumors have it that the alternative energy focused start up could be entering into the marijuana sector, the bounce off of yesterday’s lows early in the session prove that there is some real support for what’s trying to be accomplished.

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Market Cap: 20.16M
Last: 0.28 ▲ +0.08 (+40.00%)
Volume: 138,430
Dollar Volume: $27,079
Open: 0.18
High: 0.29
Low: 0.17
Trades: 37
Authorized: 100,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 72,000,000
Mr. & Mrs Frank Pringle: 48,235,032
Elyse M. Thompson: 1,999,992
Jerry Gruenbaum: 7,099,992
14-Day Rel Strength: 71.58%
1st Resistance Point: 0.3233
1st Support Level: 0.2033

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We covered Liberated Energy a couple of times last year, the first of which was shortly after Frank G. Pringle, President, Director and CEO of the Company, took over the former Mega World Food Holding Company and began making BoD appointments. Within the discoveries, we came to find how Global Resource Corporation (GBRC) and Mobilestream Oil, Inc. (MSRM), two other companies Pringle was in charge of were suspended by the SEC which increases the risk somewhat when dealing with LIBE stock.

Nevertheless, Liberated Energy has already made a name for themselves having publicly announced how their Guard-Lite, which uses wind and solar energy to power its security system, was placed at a location in Chester County, Pennsylvania where it continued to provide power and security while close to 850,000 homes went without power for at least 4 days in mid-February. The alternative energy LED lighting and security system, available for purchase by the public, was designed to deter trespassers from homes and/or properties without electricity costs.

You can see how Liberated Energy’s entry into the marijuana sector could easily be done with security for cannabis growing operations a highly sought after component. If all of the growing system providers who supply LED lighting equipment to the cannabis industry have been such successful penny stocks to buy, surely LIBE could become the same assuming the threat of power outages and theft can be portrayed in a manner that would encourage Liberated Energy’s inaugural sales revenues.

Liberated Energy is surely on to something big since JMJ Financial agreed to invest up to $350,000, having already provided for $50,000 of that. The amount is currently booked as a note payable which, when converted, will be calculated at the lesser of: (1) $0.49, or (2) 65% of the lowest trade price in the 25 trading days previous to the conversion. No wonder JMJ Financial came out at the ROTH Capital Conference yesterday and declared they are prepared to invest at least $15,000,000 into small cap companies during 2014.

From a trader’s pint of view, LIBE is a good bet to be a winning pick. LIBE stock has a float of 14,664,984 which has yet to see even 5% of that traded within a session with one week ago today, March 6, having been the biggest volume session: 701,900. This speaks volumes for LIBE stock’s potential to be a major runner if the rumors of them entering into the marijuana sector turn out to be true.

LIBE, LIBE Stock, Liberated Energy Inc., LIBE Stock Quote, Frank Pringle, Frank G. Pringle, JMJ Financial, LIBE Stock Chart, LIBE Stock Analysis, LIBE Stock Research

About LIBE Stock

Liberated Energy, Inc. is a development stage alternative energy company focused on the areas of (1) wind energy for home and commercial use, (2) wind and solar energy for outdoor illumination for home, commercial and municipal use, (3) electromagnetic energy applications, and (4) an additive to convert water into a high BTU energy source.

Click here to view the SEC filings for LIBE.
Click here to view the website for Liberated Energy.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
03/12/14 0.1800 0.2900 0.1700 0.2800 +0.0800 +40.00% 138,400
03/11/14 0.2550 0.2550 0.2000 0.2000 -0.0500 -20.00% 117,600
03/10/14 0.2300 0.2500 0.2000 0.2500 +0.0200 +8.70% 153,000
03/07/14 0.2000 0.2300 0.1800 0.2300 +0.0300 +15.00% 125,100
03/06/14 0.1600 0.2000 0.1260 0.2000 +0.0440 +28.21% 701,900


Bottom Line:

Anything penny stocks entering into the marijuana sector have had their fair share gains attached to them. Seeing the support to bring LIBE back up from the early session lows to a new YTD high, closing within .01 of the HOD, our bet is that anything under 0.22 is going to be increase close to 100% in the coming days and weeks. Waiting for the rumors to be confirmed, LIBE stock is a must have on the buy-on-the-dip watch list for the remainder of the week.

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