LIBE | Pringle Goes For A Third Try With Liberated Energy

LIBE stock, LIBE stock quote, Liberated Energy Inc., Frank G. Pringle, OTC LIBEPrepare yourselves for the unveiling of Liberated Energy, Inc. (OTC: LIBE), the newest pre-scandal penny stock to hit the OTC Markets tomorrow. Reversed into by the former CEO of Global Resource Corporation (GBRC) which was suspended from trading by the SEC in 2011, LIBE stock is the new headline money grabber for Frank Pringle and wife. Having completed the 24-for-1 stock split and changed over the name and ticker symbol, traders can expect that this one won’t be sitting on the shelves for very long before volume picks up.

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LIBE Stock Structure

Authorized: 100,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 72,000,000
Mr. & Mrs Frank Pringle: 48,235,032
Elyse M. Thompson: 1,999,992

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Formerly known as Mega World Food Holding Company (MWFH), a Kowloon H.K. set up which intended to sell frozen bamboo shoots, frozen mulberry, frozen white cauliflower, frozen lotus root, frozen green soy bean, frozen broccoli, frozen rape flower, frozen snow bean and frozen sward bean, Liberated Energy Inc. just sounds sexier for pumping.

Frank Pringle made a name for himself after trying to pursue a professional baseball contract by taking two companies public prior to this. One dealt with plastic bottle and glass recycling and the other with microwave technology to derive fuel from waste products. Neither of the two made it anywhere outside of the PR hype world.

However, Pringle has applied for and/or obtained 19 patents pending/patents in various engineering and scientific disciplines which have been featured in many trade magazines and other media outlets including Popular Science (Best of What’s New 2007) and Time Magazine (Best Inventions of the Year 2008).

With the President and CEO of Liberated Energy’s numerous ties with penny stocks trying to get his patented technologies off the ground. It is worth noting that both GBRC and Mobilestream Oil, Inc. (MSRM), the other Company Pringle was involved with, have both been knocked back to the “grey market” – both suspended from trading at one point by the SEC. LIBE looks to be taking a different approach to pumping stock on alternative energy this time around — hot air.

The Company will hopefully be revamping the website for Perpetual Wind Power Corporation prior to pumping LIBE stock, but is basically all set to go as soon as the first PR comes out and the test trades are conducted.

Since the crew of Pringle and Thompson only took 2.5 million of the 3 million outstanding prior to the 24-for-1 stock split in January, there are about 22 million shares in the float for LIBE stock. Tracking down the shareholders wont be too hard for those who have to know every single little detail about a penny stock, just look on page 17 of the original S-1 filing which has the approved legal opinion of Michael T. Williams of the Williams Law Group, P.A.

About LIBE Stock

Liberated Energy Inc. is expected to be focused on wind and solar powered turbine technology.

Click here to view the SEC filings for LIBE.
Click here to view the website for Liberated Energy.

Bottom Line: There is no telling what the plans are right now for the penny stock of Liberated Energy, but you can be sure that it will be liberated from not trading very soon. Expect to see some PR on LIBE stock and a trade to set the price of the 12 million shares in the float here shortly. When that happens, its all a question as to who pumps the wind into the sails of LIBE stock before the MM’s get to bank fees on Pringle and friends’ sales.

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