PBFI | Patriot Berry Farms Looks Sweeter Than Stevia

With the U.S.  strawberry-blueberry-raspberry market booming into $3.5 billion industry, Patriot Berry Farms, Inc. (PBFI), one of the new penny stocks on the OTC, is one niche-market company which can not be overlooked. Closing the doors to common folk after trading for the first time since changing its name from Gaia Remedies, Inc. (GAIR), PBFI stock had to be raised since traders found out that the Company’s website had just recently gone live. Having witnessed the 2012 runs on stevia focused penny stocks and the effect they had on the portfolios of traders, how sweet of a deal can the blueberry market be when factoring in improved grower economics and new end market users?

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PBFI Stock Quote

Market Cap: 69.72M
Last: 1.00 ▲ +0.94 (1500.00%)
Volume: 1,100
Trades: 2
Authorized: 100,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 69,720,000
Alex Alford Houstoun-Boswall: 35,200,000

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Looking to once be in the business of the online retail sale of herbal and homeopathic pet remedies, healthy organic pet treats and pet accessories under the supervision of the former sole executive officer and director, Peter Hedly, the change in direction to berries looks to be a fruitful bounty for traders willing to wait for activity to commence.

Back on On January 28 of this year, the Company changed its name to Patriot Berry Farms, Inc. shortly after Alex Alford Houstoun-Boswall, the current sole director, purchased 54,400,000 shares of PBFI stock for cash consideration of $50,000 ($0.00092 per share). Hostoun-Boswall is the heir apparent in the long running line of the Houstoun-Boswall Baronetcy.

Almost immediately, Houstoun-Boswall voluntary cancelled 19,200,000 shares for no consideration, leaving him with 35,200,000 (0.00142 per share).

An encouraging note as to how Patriot Berry Farms will go after berry producing farms occurred in May when Empresas de Arandano Limited agreed to invest up to $8,500,000 in exchange for PBFI stock. The Chilean based firm’s investment which is to be spread out over multiple closings between May 8, 2013 and May 8, 2015 should be more than adequate to fund the required start up procedures for the Company.

Although you can only view details at present on the Patriot Berry Farms website, the Company signed a Letter of Intent to acquire and operate a 10-acre blueberry farm just outside Dunnellon in Levy County, Florida which has an expected yield estimated at 24,000 pounds of blueberries in 2014.

With a total of 6 irrigated acres under cultivation and an additional 2.5 acres available for planting, PBFI could be booking revenues as early as next spring since early-ripening crops have traditionally been profitable in Florida due to the excellent market for fresh blueberries that ripen before May 20th.

About PBFI Stock

Patriot Berry Farms, Inc. is an emerging growth company focused on the acquisition and operation of established and profitable berry farms throughout the United States with a secondary focus on strawberry and raspberry production.

Click here to view the SEC filings for PBFI.
Click here to view the website for Patriot Berry Farms.

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Bottom Line:

PBFI looks so sweet and juicy that not having it on your list of penny stocks to buy as soon as the inaugural volume session kicks off could be the most bitter disappointment of the season. It looks as if PR will be the launching pad for PBFI stock to start showing some volume and bring own that PPS to a more attractive entry level.

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