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WIZD stock, OTC WIZD, Wizard World Inc., Wizard World Stock, OTC stocks to watch,Looking for the next best thing on the OTC is not an easy task, especially since penny stocks sometimes have a shelf life very similar to a loaf of bread. One penny stock we came across this week looks better than attractive, it’s straight up sexy: Wizard World, Inc. (OTC: WIZD). Seeing it break its silence and come out on to the stage earlier this week was a blessing in disguise for WIZD stock watchers. The timing of the markets is ripe with traders making hand-over-fist profits after the first month of trading and something says that alerts of some sort are about to bestow themselves making many more than just AimHighProfits followers aware of the “Comic Con” convention host.

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Market Cap: 10.74M
Last: 0.30 ▼ -0.25 (-45.45%)
Volume: 73,600
Dollar Volume: $16,921
Open: 0.23
High: 0.30
Low: 0.20
Trades: 14
Authorized: 200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 35,794,878

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There is no costuming up and masking the face of anything about this Company – Wizard World makes money dude! They are segmented into two revenue models: (i) live multimedia events, which involve ticket sales and exhibitor booth space, and (ii) sponsorships and advertising. These “Comic Cons” are happening in every major city across the U.S. with attendees, similar to the sports memorabilia industry, tried and true for their passion towards this “escape from the 9-to-5” world.

The Company reports on a calendar year which means the 10-K should be due out in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to that, as of September 30, 2012, Wizard World had $2,049,848 in cash and sales for the nine months ended of $5,173,315 producing a gross profit of $1,955,914. Although the net income isn’t quite there yet (net loss for the nine months of $2,756,719), the moves they made to put them into the industry is very promising, especially since its an industry affected very much by disposable income.

Wizard World has three wholly owned subsidiaries it operates through: (i) KTC Corp., (ii) Kicking the Can L.L.C., and (iii) Wizard Conventions, Inc. The Conventions are where they make their money which, thanks in part to some restructuring from quantity to quality, decreasing the number of live events (from 7 in 2011 to 5 for the nine months ended September 30, 2012). The result was average per show revenue increasing significantly compared to the same nine month period in 2011.

Who attends these Comic Con conventions?

From once just considered “Comic Book Conventions” to now being the showcase platform for the fantasy-entertainment industry, celebrity bookings for conventions that Wizard World hosts includes so many top-shelf names that you just have to go and see for yourself at www.wizardworld.com. We see stars from World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (WWE), Star Trek, The Walt Disney Company (DIS), and every other major entertainment company out there, including POW! Entertainment, Inc. (POWN).

With an industry that they have carved their niche into and an economy turning around, buying shares in WIZD stock at its current level is cheaper than that of which long term investors can even get shares at. The notes payable that the company has been converting into Series A Preferred shares and their attached warrants, a total of 20,530,372 as of September 30, 2012, makes the current PPS a 25% plus discount from the $0.40 – $0.44 conversion rates.

WIZD could go all “Incredible Hulk” which makes having it on your watchlist now a preventive measure from becoming one of the “Walking Dead” who watch this one take off like “a Bird, a Plane, nope – A Super Stock!”

About WIZD Stock

Wizard World, Inc., f/k/a GoEnergy, Inc. (GOEE), produces pop culture and live multimedia conventions (“Comic Cons”) across North America that provides a social networking and entertainment venue for popular fiction enthusiasts of movies, TV shows, video games, technology, toys, social networking/gaming platforms, comic books and graphic novels. Click here to view the SEC filings for WIZD, here to check out their website.

First and Second Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
01/31/13 0.3000 -0.2500 -45.45% 73,600
01/28/13 0.5500 +0.2900 +111.54% 496,200


Bottom Line: WIZD hit the radar screens when $63,000 worth of the penny stock traded earlier in the week. After looking into WIZD stock deeper, this could put on a green cape and start flying at any moment, especially after the 10-K filing due out within the next two weeks. Once traders can get a look at that to glimpse at an updated tally of the shares insiders own, this could immediately see some increased activity and well worth monitoring closer.

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