EP Global Communications (EPGL) Could Run Again

Dealing with Intel Corp. (INTL) will almost always have a positive effect on your share price as the penny stock of EP Global Communications, Inc. (EPGL) has proven since the start of the year. Even though sales were down slightly for the Bio-Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems technology focused Company for the year ended June 30, 2014, the performance of EPGL stock since the start of the year has been utterly superb, up 300%. With plans in place to bring the Internet and communications applications into and onto the human body in some really cool, augmented, totally immersive ways to challenge the dominance of the smartphone as a communication tool, missing the boat on what should be en EPIC end of the year is simply a trade that can not be passed upon.

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EPGL Stock Quote

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Back in December of last year, EP Global Communications made it known to the world that their BioMEMS technology was chosen by a multi-billion dollar, NYSE publicly traded industry leader for development and integration into new products – smart wearable technology. It was only through their OTCMarkets filings from last month when investors really caught wind of what that December announcement was all about when the Company stated, on September 24, that they and Intel Corp. executed an initial agreement with additional ones pending.

Everyone knows about how Google Inc. (GOOG) is due to soon come out with their wearable tech – Google Glasses, but what EP Global Communications is looking to produce are the Smartest Contact Lenses on the market. This move will a HUGE one, to say the least, since the Company is currently taking advantage of the $85 billion spent annually by Americans on treatment for chronic back pain, $6.22 million in sales for the year ended June 30, 2014, which produced a gross profit (according to their annual statement) of $4.99 million.

As for EPGL stock, theirs billions upon billions of shares that are out in the marketplace, yet only once in the last 3 months has volume topped over the 10 million mark. Heck, back in the beginning of July when the OTC markets were dead, one could have come in a d scooped up shares of EPGL stock for right around 0.02 a share and been sitting right now on 250% profits.

What the last few days have shown is that EPGL has a strong base at 0.07 as it prepares to move upwards on to the OTCBB with their Form 10 filing. One attachment to the Company’s annual report which mentions the Intel agreement states:

“SEC documents filings shall be postponed until EPGL management has a more clear understanding of any future Agreements or the future relationship with Intel Corporation and how such filings may be affected as a result.”

Based on how it’s now been 2 months since EPGL said anything about how their abilities to combine advanced wearable technology with their products and services could be partnered up with more than just Intel, any new news could trigger another run. With fiscal Q1 due to be filed soon, an update to the proposed share structure reduction mentioned back in February would also be a strong reason to think EPGL could see its share price hit the 0.10 mark before the end of 2014.

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About EPGL Stock

EP Global Communications, Inc. s an advanced technology development company for both medical devices and consumer electronics devices specializing in microelectronic mechanical systems.

Click here to view the OTC filings for EPGL.
Click here to view the website for EP Global Communications.

Authorized: 5,000,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 4,668,229,167
Float: 499,161,167

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
10/29/14 0.0698 0.0740 0.0630 0.0700 0.0002 +0.29% 2,060,000
10/28/14 0.0800 0.0800 0.0500 0.0698 -0.0102 -12.75% 4,753,800
10/27/14 0.0849 0.0899 0.0780 0.0800 -0.0049 -5.77% 1,360,900
10/24/14 0.0785 0.0849 0.0780 0.0849 +0.0069 +8.85% 1,381,800
10/23/14 0.0760 0.0785 0.0750 0.0780 +0.0035 +4.70% 663,100


Bottom Line:

There isn’t likely to be that surge of volume off of any news or filings that sends EPGL into the list of the top 10 penny stocks traded on the OTC anytime soon. That said, the moves forward with Intel, although they are not yet publicly issued via a PR, makes for a great reason to have EPGL on the watch list for a chance to get in on the cheap before another run towards 0.10 happens like it did back in August.

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