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EPGLOver the course of the last call it two weeks, shares of EP Global Communications, Inc. (OTC Pink: EPGL) have been on an absolute tear, one which has just booked two consecutive record volume trading sessions on the penny stock.  Focused on delivering technology that both both medical devices and consumer electronics devices can take advantage of, shares of EPGL stock appear to be eyeing the 10 cent mark as a feat which has not been surpassed since its last attempt, at 0.0998, back in September, 2014.  With the news that hit the wires late Monday of their “Smart Case” invention on the heels of the newest Mission Impossible release, expecting to see a continuation into today would be a wise choice.

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EPGL Stock


Usually when a trader stumbles across a pinksheet listed, MSWord prepared financial filer with billions of shares issued, the expectation of seeing it be a trip-zero ticker comes to mind.  Breaking that stereotype in a very big way, EP Global Communications seems to have more than the “average Joe” penny stock does and isn’t afraid to announce how “EPGL‘s stock has risen 100% since early July 2015.”

If one were to dig into researching all they could on EPGL, one could spend half a day just on the information and links available on the company’s website and deciphering the immediate connection between Ep Global Communications and Pricewaterhouse Coopers Caymans Ltd.  The Company issued a press release in early December, 2014 regarding the top notched financial firm and plans to reduce the outstanding share count of EPGL on January 30, 2015 without executing a stock split.  That didn’t appear to have taken place when reviewing the little detailed financial statements for the three months ended March 31, 2015 by Alexander C. Anguiano, CPA.

According to the fins filed, EP Global had 4,668,229,167 issued and outstanding of the 5,000,000,000 shares authorized, roughly one for each person on the planet that doesn’t live in India and China.  Beyond the significant share count, the company did, reportedly, have on hand $13.9 million in cash, $14.57 million in accounts receivable, total debt of just $600,000 with sales of $530 million which produced net income for the three months ended of $433 million.

All kidding aside, EP Global not only has the ties to PWC legitimately attached to their website, but, in March, they opened negotiations with CooperVision, Inc. at $1.1 billion for the exclusive Option to License their new ophthalmic technologies which the two companies co-developed and reportedly led to several new patent filings.  Should this be the case, preying on the mere possibility of just one of these newly developed technologies resulting in $5 billion annually to contact lens sales worldwide gives reason to ask “so why pinksheets?”.

What appears clear after having seen EPGL show up on the scanner on Friday and again Monday is the clear vision of breaking past a dime is within sight for the ticker.  News from yesterday after the close which creatively touts just how important their newly created “The Smart Case” will be in the augmented vision industry could just be what was needed for it to do so.

If you track back to a year ago, EPGL shares were last in the “under .03” range in July, 2014. Since then, shares had a spectacular run through August, 2014 from the low 3’s to almost .10, yet have ranged between the .04 to .07 for until last month’s run began.  If history should repeat itself, the chances of EPGL stock hitting its head on .10 will be a key target that the billions upon billions of shares out there will be focused on.


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