ETGG | Can SLAM Turn Enerbrite Into A Monster Beverage Co.?

ETGG Stock, Enerbrite Technologies GroupEver since the story of Monster Beverage Corp. (MNST) began circulating about how “if you knew about it 15 years ago, $5,000 invested would be worth millions,” investors are looking for the next one. Many thought they had found it in BeBevCo (BBDA) which ran from sub-pennies to nearly breaking past 2 cents. Well, perhaps traders who have a palette for the unusual in beverages, especially the alcoholic version, may want to keep a close eye on Enerbrite Technologies Group Inc. (ETGG) who recently received all state and federal regulatory approval to begin full production of SLAM infusination shots within the next month.

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ETGG Stock, Enerbrite Technologies GroupETGG Stock Chart

Market Cap: 5.82M
Close: (%)
Volume: 263,230
Dollar Volume: $11,029
High: 0.05
Low: 0.04
Trades: 20
Average Trade Size: 13,161
Authorized: 150,000,000
Float: 2,815,109
Issued and Outstanding: 145,421,247

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I don’t drink so I am counting on the “over 21” imbibers who keep calm and chive on to be able to relay back how the SLAM is line of ready-to-drink pre-mixed, 1.69 oz./70 proof (35% alcohol by volume) alcohol shots taste. The flavors selection reminds me of high school when the preppy kids drank Seagram’s wine coolers while the jocks all drank Mickey’s wide mouths.

SLAM is slated to be available in liquor stores in six flavors:

  • CoCo Puff: Vodka with Chocolate & Irish Cream Flavors
  • HayMaker: Vodka with Lemon & Tea Flavors
  • Jacked Cola: Blended Whiskey & Cola Flavor
  • Kamikaze: Vodka with Orange Liquor & Lime Flavors
  • Red Headed Slut: Vodka with Peach, Licorice & cranberry Flavors
  • Tijuana Twist: Tequila with Lime Flavor

Apparently another three are soon to be introduced. If I may offer a suggestion, how about APS Kool Aid which is Jaegermeister with Tabasco and Ex-Lax. Or do a TBX Kicker which is Moonshine, and some vomit inducing product so you can say you drank it but don’t need to keep supporting it after 4 o’clock when it doesn’t get you laid.

Seriously though, beverage stocks like Enerbrite Technologies who have a real location and real intentions on breaking into the industry in a niche which can be glamorized by certain types of consumers is worth its weight in gold. Without them, we would be stuck with the same old Schlitz Malt Liquor/Colt 45 of the 70’s types of drinks. It wouldn’t be surprising if someone was right now working on a shot that tastes like “Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.”

About ETGG Stock

Enerbrite Technologies Group, Inc. is a company dedicated to the production, distribution and marketing of unique, quality product lines in the OTC Nutraceutical sector with a key focus on wellness, anti-aging and Hormone Replacement Therapy for both males and females. The Company and its group of wholly owned subsidiaries currently have four product lines ready to go to market.

Of the product lines ready to go to market, Enerbrite Technologies Group controls, as a 100% wholly owned subsidiary, SLAM Infusination Inc., a line of ready-to-drink alcoholic shots aimed at the virtually untapped grab and go counter item space of the massive alcohol industry.

Bottom Line: Keep ETGG on your list of penny stocks to watch throughout October. The chances of a beverage like SLAM seeing the disposable income market are much more likely with the growing population of recently turned 21 years of age group. ETGG stock is trading relatively low at its current level compared to September which could give way for an easy 2 bagger or better like BBDA was.

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