FARE | World Moto Stock Taking Awesome Ride To Gainland?

FARE Stock, FARE stock Price, World Moto, World Moto Stock, World Moto ThailandNow that they abandoned Superior Venture (SVEN) after less than two weeks, Awesome Penny Stocks is going for the “Smash and Grab.” Similar to the one day Vision Plasma Systems (VLNX) alert which fleeced millions from traders, it makes a ton of sense that World Moto Inc. (FARE) would be the next short-ridden penny stock taxi. The APS group wouldn’t dare touch a stock based within the continental U.S. knowing full well that the “skull and crossbones” is due out within hours. After the recent abandonment of SVEN stock and the subsequent trade halt, its clear that the hour glass has much less sand in it at the end of 2012 than it did in the beginning.

Get FARE stock on your day trade screens and look to flip it. Expect to see the pick get pulled at any moment sending it into the septic tank.

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Market Cap: 9.75M
Friday Close: 0.0665 ▼ ▲ (-54.45%)
Volume: 3,248,610
High: 0.1480
Low: 0.05

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The newest pump and dump, World Moto Inc. (FARE), will have the meter running to charge for the distance it runs for after being confirmed the new APS pick. There is no revenues, U.S. home base, nada, just new buyers for eager sellers and the gains should be huge. Just like Vision Plasma Systems (VLNX), there is such little chance of this being a long running promotion that selling before 4PM is highly recommended for those lucky enough to get in below 0.10.

About FARE Stock

Click here for the SEC filings for FARE.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
12/14/12 0.0665 -0.0795 -54.45% 3,248,600
12/13/12 0.1460 -0.0070 -4.58% 161,700
12/12/12 0.1530 +0.0510 +50.00% 1,676,000
12/11/12 0.1020 -0.0480 -32.00% 1,624,700
11/16/12 0.1500 -1.0500 -87.50% 5,000


Bottom Line: Look at the calendar and ask yourself if you really want to be holding the newest Awesome Penny Stocks pick, FARE, beyond today. The world is supposed to be ending, Christmas Eve is Monday, a shortened trading session, and Tuesday the markets are closed. Trading FARE stock the fair way is to flip this POS like a hamburger on the grill looking for that perfect “medium well” to get the most out of it without getting burned.

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