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penny stock alerts, penny stock picks, OTC stock alerts, OTC stock picks, FCCN StockIt’s still pretty mind blowing to read all the love mail from those that got into our mid-March alert on Lot78 Inc. (LOTE) and saw gains of up to 1152% after it topped out at $11.65 yesterday. We really feel that today’s pick has very similar potential heading into May and is deeply undervalued at its current 0.485: Spectral Capital Corporation (FCCN). Make sure FCCN stock is on your watchlist today and every other day this week as we head into May!

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Market Cap: 54.75M
Last: 0.485 ▼ -0.025 (-4.90%)
Volume: 22,000
Open: 0.51
High: 0.51
Low: 0.481
Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 112,857,623
1st Resistance Point: 0.503
2nd Resistance Point: 0.521
1st Support Level: 0.474
2nd Support Level: 0.463

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Why FCCN Looks So Good To Us:

1.   FCCN has acquired significant stakes in 2 technology companies currently (Noot and Kontexto) and actively works with management to drive these companies toward increasing market penetration in their particular verticals.

2.  FCCN intends to own, in full or in part, technology companies whose founders and key management can take advantage of the deep networks and experience in technology development embodied in FCCN management.

3.  FCCN had not issued 1 share from December 31, 2010 to December 31, 2012, and that was at $2 !!! When Spectral did sell some stock on March 7, 2013, it was only 1.65M and it was at 0.65 per share for $1M in financing proceeds.

Back in mid February, FCCN was trading around 0.30. By mid-March, shares reached a high of 1.16 for gains of up to 287%. Even more encouragng is that during that run, the highest total volume traded in one session was only 77,455! Imagine what it is about to happen with more traders focused on FCCN now.

What Does FCCN Mean For Traders?

UK Trade and Investment, the largest government and business trade organization in the United Kingdom awarded them ‘technology of exceptional potential’. Because Kontexo’s customers include some of the biggest names in publishing, Post Media Network, The Guardian, Getty Images, Abu Dhabi Media, Bell Media and The Daily Mail, FCCN is a hugely undervalued stock at its current level.

A little more about Kontexto:

FCCN‘s Kontexto is a technology company that provides software and services that acquire, analyze and visualize streaming real time data. Kontexto delivers these services as either a final software-as-a-service solution or embedded in third party applications. The fact that Kontexto’s publishflow™ has been selected by Canada’s largest communication company, Bell Media, for data analytics of the company’s online properties is enormous for the long-term trader looking at FCCN.


Bell Media owns 28 conventional stations, including CTV, Canada’s #1 television network, and owns and operates 30 specialty channels, including TSN, Canada’s #1 specialty channel and RDS, Canada’s #1 French-language specialty channel. Bell Media also owns 33 radio stations, dozens of websites, Dome Productions, and has partnered with Cirque du Soleil to form Cirque du Soleil Media, a Montréal-based production company.

FCCN‘s NOOT is just as appealing and indicative as to why the stock looks so undervalued at its current level.

Noot, Inc. is a mobile technology company and creator of “noot”, a search engine for mobile smartphones. Noot will help people easily find news, social media, photos and video that match their interests. The technology actually learns what users like and improves its results over time, providing very personalized information for the user. A key benefit of noot is that the search engine continues to work even when the user is not actively searching and will discover new and relevant items without prompting, providing more enhanced and personalized information the next time the user searches for that topic. Noot acts like a personalized search assistant.

Learn more about FCCN‘s Noot here: http://www.noot.com/

FCCN first needs to break 0.65 before pushing towards 0.80. Once $1 is broken, it’s not far before it sets a new high! From there, it’s blue-skies territory (see here).

About FCCN Stock

Spectral Capital Corporation is an exploration stage technology company focused on the identification, acquisition, development, financing of technology that has the potential to transform existing industries. The Company looks for technology that can be protected through patents or laws regarding trade secrets.

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Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
04/29/13 0.4850 -0.0250 -4.90% 22,000
04/26/13 0.5100 +0.0110 +2.20% 1,000
04/25/13 0.4990 unch unch 4,000
04/24/13 0.4990 unch unch 5,400
04/23/13 0.4990 +0.2240 +81.45% 28,100


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Bottom Line:

FCCN is already showing a ton of support at the 20-day MA. With the first magic number being 0.65, there’s an easy climb upwards from there. Make sure FCCN is on your list of penny stocks to watch list today and every other day this week as we head into May!

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