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FEEL Stock, OTC FEEL, FEEL.PK, OTC PINK FEEL, Feel Golf Co. Inc., Mind 360Today is looking to be a slow one for penny stock traders on the OTC unless scientifically developed online brain games and a price of nearly 4 for a penny is of any interest. Looking to make people feel good over a span of many years rather than selling golf equipment like they used to, the sub penny stock of Feel Golf Co., Inc. (FEEL) is ready to tee off this morning and with a proper Wall Streeter running it now. Having appointed Paul Favata as President for the Company on June 1, 2013, chances of the Mind 360 acquisition by the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Intelligent Living Inc., can find a way to increase alertness and awareness on FEEL stock while boosting productivity where it matters most: the PPS.

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Market Cap: 391.50K
Monday Close: 0.0027 ▲ +0.0004 (+17.39%)
Volume: 1,737,600
Avg. Volume: 3,052,225
Open: 0.0024
High: 0.0027
Low: 0.0014
Authorized: 6,000,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 170,217,129
14-Day Rel Strength: 44.23%
14-Day Stochastic: 23.64%
1st Resistance Point: 0.0031
2nd Resistance Point: 0.0035
1st Support Level: 0.002

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In May, Feel Golf Co.’s subsidiary, Intelligent Living scooped up Mind 360 which does look rather boring for anyone who has already complete ever stage at every level of every Angry Birds release. Teaching the brain to remember which color went where or what name that person had in a speed dating arena, Mind 360 is the smallest detail, although the most recent, which makes trading FEEL seem like too much effort.

All the awareness groups sending out alerts last night and today on Feel Golf Co. are focused too heavily on the Company’s acquisition of Mind 360 from May. Sure, brain games have been a casual games staple since Nintendo popularized the genre with its 2006 DS cartridge Brain Age, a puzzle game collection inspired by the work of Japanese neuroscientist Ryuta Kawashima, but that’s not really the exciting part.

Back on June 1, Feel Golf Co. snagged Paul Favata to be the head of the Company for a measly $95,000 annual salary. Favata is a a 27-year Wall Street veteran who began his career on the AMEX, working for two smaller member firms and spent five years on the NYSE with one of the largest specialist firms on the floor. In ’92, he left the exchange to work for Shearson Lehman on the sell-side.

Familiar with the sell-side, attention should be paid closely to the large blocks of FEEL stock being shifted around today as traders will undoubtedly be looking to bank some profits on this prior to the 4th of July break. The company is an SEC filer and did have $59,749 in cash as of March 31, 2013 even though revenues were just $40,312 for the three months ended period.

Looking closely at how revenue dollars flowed in the millions when the Company was focused on the design, manufacture, and international marketing and sales of its golf clubs and golf club grips, trading into some “FREE” FEEL shares and holding out for better days could be the bigger score for those who have the patience the game of Golf requires.

About FEEL Stock

Feel Golf Co., Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary, Intelligent Living Inc., is a development stage company focused on improving a person’s day-to-day, functional life over a span of many years, through hormone therapy, nutrition, exercise and overall wellness development.

Click here to view the SEC filings for FEEL.
Click here to view the website for Intelligent Living.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
07/01/13 0.0027 +0.0004 +17.39% 1,737,600
06/28/13 0.0023 unch unch 1,442,500
06/27/13 0.0023 -0.0001 -4.17% 720,800
06/26/13 0.0024 -0.0003 -11.11% 206,100
06/25/13 0.0027 +0.0010 +58.82% 783,000


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Bottom Line:

You FEEL lucky punk? If you do, make sure to have FEEL stock on your list of penny stocks to trade prior to the opening bell today. Volume “should” surge past 5 million well before lunch and the stock price has had a recent history of trading over and above the 2 cent level.

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