Freaky Fracking Friday | SMA’s Pick Goes The Wrong Direction

WTFSometimes you gotta take a step back from life and ask yourself if the events taking place are real or if you somehow stepped into the Matrix and took the red pill and are being shown how deep the rabbit hole goes. Less than 24 hours after a player I dropped charged the mound to break the collar bone of a player I traded for in L.A., Stock Market Authority comes out with a 56 word email calling Eco-Trade Corp. (BOPT) their new pick? On top of that, Victory Mark is coming out with a new pick on Monday, after abandoning Goff Corp. (GOFF) last week, while penny stocks like OBJ Enterprises, Inc. (OBJE), fka Obscene Jeans, makes it into the top 10 penny stocks traded — somehow some radioactive Kool-aid got mixed and the weekend just turned into a WTF happened clusterfcuk for a lot of traders.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
FNMA 0.729 -2.80% 12,967,383 18,151,482 3,208
BOPT 0.135 -41.30% 4,414,141 20,458,797 2,277
GOFF 0.26 -11.86% 3,221,620 11,519,582 1,645
FMCC 0.697 -4.13% 5,950,655 8,625,587 1,311
NVIV 3.30 +4.43% 4,305,062 1,260,736 1,259
CEDCQ 0.089 +11.25% 1,995,340 21,309,038 1,107
AAMRQ 3.90 +1.04% 10,092,617 2,601,583 1,069
SKTO 0.0493 +22.94% 1,243,758 25,574,440 894
PSON 1.06 +15.34% 1,725,508 1,689,029 818
OBJE 1.23 +86.36% 865,043 846,263 738

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Straight up! WTF just happened has got to be the reaction most every trader who had been waiting for SMA to serve up their long-mixed Kool aid. Having not issued a pick since The Psychic Friends Network (PFNI) in December, who woulda thunk that Tiger Woods would be tied with Fred Couples for the lead in Augusta after round 2 play ended.

FNMA, BOPT, GOFF, FMCC, NVIV, CEDCQ, AAMRQ, SKTO, PSON, OBJE, BOPT scam, Stock Market Authority, How to trade penny stocks, top 10 penny stocks, top OTC stocks, hot penny stocks, list of penny stocks, Awesome Penny Stocks, list of penny stocks to watch, list of OTC stocks to watch, best OTC stocks, Best penny stocks, penny stocks on the rise, marijuana stocks, OTC stocks on the rise, Goff Corp., Goff Corporation, Golden Glory Resources S.A., Emails hit inboxes at around 2PM which, coincidentally was the high point for BOPT stock. Within seconds, the shares began to ride a bumpy road downwards  toward the LOD, 0.12 before taking the last few minutes of the week’s trading session to bounce back and close at 0.135 — just 0.055 above the 52 week low of 0.08 set back on August 20.

Helping to feed traders to the wolves in order to catch the glory of being the “chosen voice of reason for iHub,” emails went out immediately after SMA announced BOPT stock as their new pick from on message board in particular. The same board decided to follow up after their 2nd alert to their followers of SMA’s decision to state:

“I think this sets the record for the number of ATA emails sent out in a short time span….

but… Victory Mark just sent out a teaser saying they will release monday!”

Great job breaking the rules of “how to trade penny stocks correctly.”

Besides never taking a position on a falling knife — especially when it’s a Friday pick, traders have got to learn how to get one trading philosophy down which one of the most successful front loader/money makers on the OTC follows:

From @TMcNasty : Rule #1: Everyone is lying. Rule #2: Go kick yourself in the balls/ovaries because you didn’t already know this.

Alerts have now reached inboxes after the trading week has ended stating:

Dear Reader,

We hope you’re as excited as we are for our newest pick, Eco-Trade Corporation traded under ticker BOPT on the OTCBB.

BOPT closed the week at $0.135.

There was some huge over-selling on BOPT near the end of the day — this is the perfect time to get shares at the bottom level.

BOPT is a fully reporting oil and gas exploration company with the rights to the exploration, drilling and production on a property in Lewis & Clark County in Montana, near Great Falls, totaling more than 5,800 acres called the ‘South Bakken Prospect.’

That’s Right! An Oil & Gas company located in the Bakken Region of the United States!

One particular person(s) of interest has been monitoring the BOPT situation for more than a week already and appears to have been sharpening up on their Twitter skills to let the world know that this is one penny stock who could soon see its day in court.

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Bottom Line:

If you got into BOPT in the last 30 minutes of today’s trading session, there is a chance you made the right call and could get out of this pig of a penny stock alert without a scratch. From the looks of it though, I have never witnessed a massive sized promoter sending out an alert and seeing the stock price tank like this before except when Penny Stock Mafia used to send out fake APS alerts and even they would go up a little. Guess thinking SMA wouldn’t be choosing BOPT as their pick was the best call of the day.

If you’re underwater thanks to SMA, keep a close eye on Clean Enviro Tech Corp. (CETC), fka Sky Power Solutions Corp. (SPOW). Since doing a 50-for-1 reverse split in January, CETC stock, now at 0.11, looks to have bottomed out and could be in for a solar-powered summer, just like last year.

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