FRZT | The Ice Age Is Over For Freeze Tag With Asher Gone

FRZT Stock, Freeze Tag, Penny Stock Psycho, PennyStockAlertsOne particular penny stock which should be on your list to watch at the open Friday is the once destroyed by a pump from Psycho,  Freeze Tag, Inc. (FRZT). Savvy traders who were scouring the 8-filings already jumped in on Thursday pushing FRZT stock well over 200% during the trading session. The move wasn’t in anticipation of the 10 minute wonder pumper from penny stock alerts sending out on it again, but rather from the best sentence you could ever read on an SEC document: “As a result of the payoff …….we have no convertible promissory notes outstanding to Asher Enterprises, Inc. at this time.” (see here)

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Market Cap: 468.51K
Close: 0.009, up 0.0048 (114.29%)
Volume: 6,189,186
Dollar Volume: $48,513
High: 0.013
Low: 0.0043
Trades: 135
Average Trade Size: 45,845
Authorized: 100,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 52,057,328 

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As of the HOD in yesterday’s trading, Freeze Tag stockholders have seen a PPS increase as much as 1,200%  since the November 2nd low, 0.001, a 52 week low set for the casual online game publisher. The momentum trading which began just before lunch on Thursday has every realm of possibility of continuing that through Friday, especially after receiving news that toxic financier, Asher Enterprises, is out.

Sure they were low on cash as of their June 30, 2012 10-Q, only $549, and sure sales had been relatively flat, $132,862 and $236,142 for the three and six months ended versus  $164,418 and $277,018 for the same periods in 2011. However, They’re alive and kicking and the fact alone that they do book revenues means they are doing something right, they just aren’t doing it and putting money in their pocket just yet.

Like they say, even though the primary consumers of downloadable casual games are women over the age of 35, casual games are enjoyed by people of all ages  and the potential market for Freeze Tag’s games is very large.

About FRZT Stock

Freeze Tag Inc. is a casual online games publisher that develops and markets games across the major digital distribution platforms including PC/Mac, downloadable (Web), mobile, and emerging platforms like social networking sites (including Facebook).

Click here to view the SEC filings for FRZT.

Bottom Line: FRZT is a good penny stock to have at the top of your list for the opening bell. Don’t expect to see this back at 0.08 where it hit when Psycho blasted it off for a total of 7 minutes before the PPS of FRZT stock came down to close at 0.05. Regardless of whatever, no more Asher Enterprises on your Company’s books is like cleaning your house with a floral scented bleach which is strong enough for even a mother to admire.

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