FSPM | Gimme 6 Months And I’ll Show You 4,700%

FSPMCommit for 6 months and you will see a massive improvement. Typically, that’s the slogan most gyms use to get you to sing up, but when we issued a “bullish” opinion on why you should buy the penny stock of Fusion Pharm, Inc. (FSPM), even our expectations were blown away – 40X fold. Up 4,728.57% since July 31 of last year, the 6 month run of FSPM stock proves, once again, that not only is getting into the right marijuana stocks the smartest moves, but also that knowing how to be patient on sure-to-be winners is what separates the Kia drivers to the Benz owners.

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FSPM Stock Quote

Market Cap: 54.21M
Last: 6.76 ▲ +1.775 (+35.61%)
Volume: 1,550,988
Dollar Volume: $10,224,235
Open: 5.17
High: 8.34
Low: 5.15
Trades: 3,254
Authorized: 495,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 8,019,191
14-Day Rel Strength: 85.73%
1st Resistance Point: 8.35
1st Support Level: 5.16

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No matter how you look at it, we we’re either late or early when we said you should be buying shares of FSPM. When we dug into FusionPharm back in mid-August of last year, FSPM stock was trading at 0.3801 and volume was well under 100,000 shares traded. The bullishness lasted only about 2 weeks before the sporadic trading slowly walked the PPS down from a high of 0.58 down into the low 20’s with spineless traders complaining we had thrown them a rotten fish.

Well, just look at the timeline of how FSPM stock has performed:

Period Low Percent Change
5-Day 2.90 on Jan. 27 +136.36% since Jan. 24
1-Month 0.3782 on Jan 3 +1,308.33% since Dec. 31
3-Month 0.20 on Nov. 7 +1,678.95% since Oct. 31
6-Month 0.131 on Aug. 2 +4,728.57% since Jul. 31
12-Month 0.08 on Jul. 26 +582.83% since Jan. 30, 2013
Year to Date 0.3782 on Jan. 3 +1,308.33% since Dec. 31

With news that the Denver based manufacturer of the PharmPods™ cultivation system is expected to report a 38% growth in revenue for Q4, the period ended December 31, 2013, compared to Q3, the period ended September 30, 2013, it’s no wonder why the bulls are Benz-ing on FSPM stock. A 38% increase over $549,725 would be $758,620, not yet $1 million, but still enough to provide for another Q whereby positive net income is reported.

Ok, so the growth in revenues isn’t so significant that it would justify Friday’s “power hour” rally to $8.34, but it’s still a step in the right direction for FusionPharm. If now that pot is selling out of stores and banking is due to become available for legalized pot dealers, the chances of significant orders for PharmPods in Q1 and Q2 of this year routed through the Company’s guaranteed financing to state licensed cannabis cultivators, Colorado based Meadpoint Venture Partners, FSPM stock could still test $10 this month.

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About FSPM Stock

FusionPharm, Inc. is a development stage company focused on the medical marijuana industry by manufacturing a commercial hydroponic cultivation system called PharmPods.

Click here to view the financial filings for FSPM.
Click here to view the website for Fusion Pharma.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
01/31/14 5.1700 8.3400 5.1500 6.7600 +1.7750 +35.61% 1,550,900
01/30/14 4.0250 5.2700 4.0000 4.9850 +1.0850 +27.82% 933,400
01/29/14 3.4500 4.0500 3.4500 3.9000 +0.4400 +12.72% 438,300
01/28/14 3.1950 3.5400 3.1800 3.4600 +0.3900 +12.70% 371,000
01/27/14 2.9050 3.3000 2.9000 3.0700 +0.2100 +7.34% 257,900


Bottom Line:

We know penny stocks and we can smell a rotten fish when we find one. FSPM wasn’t one of them and the bullish month of January that all marijuana stocks displayed looks to continue onward into February and beyond. It’s actually pretty scary to think: “What’s gonna happen to all of these marijuana stocks when other states besides Colorado begin to sell to recreational users?”

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