GNBT | Generex Biotechnology Stock Still Getting Buried

gnbtWhile 2012 has been a banner year for a number of biotech stocks and their shareholders, one company which was not as fortunate has traders studying them in hopes they may have finally reached the oversold level. The year started out great for Generex Biotechnology Corp. (GNBT) with their proprietary technology to ward of tumors in breast cancer patients gaining rave reviews. However, since the shares topped out at 0.277 in the third week of January, GNBT stock has been on a steady, unstoppable decline ever since without a bounce along the way.  While it may be optimistic to add them to the list of penny stock for 2013, preemptive measures in the fight against breast cancer could limit the long term potential if society takes it as written law.

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GNBT Stock ChartGNBT Stock Chart

Market Cap: 9.45M
Close: 0.0254  -0.0041 (-13.90%)
Volume: 2,119,699
Dollar Volume: $57,758
High: 0.03
Low: 0.0251
Trades: 120
Average Trade Size: 17,664
Authorized: 750,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 372,059,685

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Having recently raised funds, $855,000 by mortgaging property secured by real estate owned by Antigen Express Inc., the wholly-owned subsidiary of Generex Biotechnology, the picture could not be more clear as to where the financial situation for the vaccine developer is.  Revenues have been invisible for the entire year while cash has dwindled down to as low as $37,031 as of October 31, 2012. With an operating loss of $1,940,031 for the most recent quarter alone, a great concern of whether the Company can continue to develop and test their vaccine formulations is becoming very realistic. Future private placements are likely to be reoccurring in 2013 to keep the dreams and hopes alive that they can come up with a cure to fight breast cancer.

However, preventing cancerous tumor cells from ever growing could be the best method to ending the life threatening disease which a recent study claims is possible. According to researchers at the UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (see report here), giving breasts a squeeze could help guide malignant mammary cells back into a normal growth pattern thus preventing cancerous cells to develop. The study reports that “mechanical forces alone can revert and stop the out-of-control growth of cancer cells.”

As stated in the report, “while the traditional view of cancer development focuses on the genetic mutations within the cell, Mina Bissell, Distinguished Scientist at the Berkeley Lab, conducted pioneering experiments that showed that a malignant cell is not doomed to become a tumor, but that its fate is dependent on its interaction with the surrounding microenvironment. Her experiments showed that manipulation of this environment, through the introduction of biochemical inhibitors, could tame mutated mammary cells into behaving normally.” Translation: Help fight the battle against breast cancer — squeeze a boob or two since they come on pairs.


About GNBT Stock

Generex Biotechnology Corporation is primarily engaged in the research and development of drug delivery systems and technologies. The Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Antigen Express Inc., concentrates on developing proprietary vaccine formulations that work by stimulating the immune system to either attack offending agents (i.e., cancer cells, bacteria, and viruses) or to stop attacking benign elements (i.e., self proteins and allergens). Click here to view the SEC filings for GNBT.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
12/26/12 0.0254 -0.0041 -13.90% 2,119,699
12/24/12 0.0295 +0.0025 +9.26% 1,330,800
12/21/12 0.0270 -0.0015 -5.26% 3,755,000
12/20/12 0.0285 -0.0015 -5.00% 2,830,100
12/19/12 0.0300 -0.0019 -5.96% 5,164,500

Bottom Line: While optimism would like to think GNBT has ended its slide and could be a candidate for one of the penny stocks for 2013, their cash hemorrhaging must end before any bullish pattern can develop. That said, watch out for the Company to possibly get some help from one of the big pharmaceutical giants to work out some licensing deal which could send GNBT stock into a different direction — a much needed change after 11 plus months in the same direction.

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