Housing Stocks Explode Over 500% From Our $0.32 Alerts

The penny stocks of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continued to lead the OTC as the top traded securities after breaking past and closing at and above their psychological resistance points of $2. Profiled when both were trading at levels below 0.35, any trader holding tightly with confidence since our alerts on Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FMCC) and Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) have now had a chance to capture gains of over 525%. Trailing closely behind the two, the dumpage began (as we predicted) on Awesome Penny Stocks’ Xumanii Inc. (XUII) and is set for even further pot holes in its churning pattern as we enter the last official trading session before the start to summer.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
FNMA 2.10 +14.75% 223,857,782 112,624,429 19,359
FMCC 2.00 +19.76% 94,905,323 50,890,379 9,989
AAMRQ 5.60 +0.90% 45,090,890 8,109,020 3,048
XUII 0.32 -19.60% 10,015,322 30,200,693 2,773
LOTE 17.40 -5.18% 5,378,090 274,624 992
NNVC 0.7201 +4.38% 1,305,969 1,827,074 682
WEQL 0.085 +183.33% 379,187 3,964,659 604
POLR 4.17 -8.35% 2,301,196 541,983 586
GNBT 0.0386 +26.56% 593,815 15,743,566 578
CERP 0.029 +7.41% 672,291 24,570,720 575

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Get this: We have been covering Fannie Mae’s FNMA much more than we have been of Freddie Mac’s FMCC. However, as we indicated that both were superb penny stocks to own many times last year (just like buying shares in AMR Corp.’s AAMRQ), back on August 8th, 2012, you could have grabbed hold of either one, if not both for 0.32.

A medium- to long-term investment shouldn’t be watched over like a pot of boiling water… you’ll go crazy if you do that! That was proven today as both FNMA and FMCC both closed above and at the $2 level, respectively, providing gains of over 525%. This is exactly the point we made yesterday when speaking about Sebring Software (SMXI). If you simply let your investment decision run its course and not attempt to time the market, you’ll almost always sell your winners while they’re still losers!

Such is the case in point for those caught in the mix with Awesome Penny Stocks’ pump on Xumanii’s XUII. Pointed out as a trade you don’t want to throw money at when APS joined the pump party to help out their sister sites run by Victory Mark, a trade in a very high risk venture on their first joint day, May 13, could have grabbed as much as a 20 cent gain on a 24 cent stock if you were the luckiest market timer on the OTC.

Psycho made it on the Top 10 list today with his one-and-done move on WellQuest Medical & Wellness Corporation (WEQL). Allowing for one full hour of sprinting before dipping, WEQL stock put up some pretty decent gains for those getting in and out before 10:30am. From .04 to .17, it looks like Psycho is done with the 4 minute runners even though his dollar volume was well short of the $400K compensation he was pulling in 2 months ago.

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Bottom Line:

FNMA and FMCC, just like LOTE and AAMRQ, have rallied with a vengeance and are still excellent penny stocks to watch, especially for those familiar with how to swing trade. Looking forward to Friday, it’s going to be a profit taking session if there ever was one for most of the top gainers this year which will allow for those who missed the boat to start scouting for entry positions.

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