GNGR | Gunther Grant Eating As Much As An Elephant Eats

GNGR Stock, Gunther Grant Inc. WonkasChocolatesWilly Wonka’s 16 very patient oompa loompa chocolate guardian shareholders are reaping the penny stock benefits today with Gunther Grant Inc. (GNGR). Those 16 shareholders who held GNGR stock since December 31, 2011 are still not in the black at market price, but today’s trading activity is sure to bring some harmony for their entrance to the $60 billion dollar chocolate industry.

Two weeks ago, the Company announced 65% profit margins on all orders fulfilled in their new production facility.  Now that the production facility is operational, former clients such as Whole Foods Market are requesting the product and the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Got Chocolates, Inc., is in the process of completing  the required certifications to fulfill these orders.

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GNGR Stck, Gunther Grant Inc., WonkasChocolatesGNGR Stock Chart

Market Cap: 3.91M
Last: 0.122, up 0.025 (25.77%)
Volume: 2,974,459
Dollar Volume: $344,121
High: 0.125
Low: 0.102
Trades: 258
Average Trade Size: 11,490
Authorized: 35,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 26,494,550
Float: 8,505,450

Over the next twelve months, the Company plans to continue to expand its chocolate business nationally.  Some external funding will be in the requirements planning for the next twelve months, although current operations will be self-sustaining and revenues are also expected to increase from planned activities in forthcoming financial periods. This will be required if Grant Newsteder has any intention of recreating the golden ticket for shareholders, not just the 16 as of June 30, 2012.

The PR pushing Wonka’s Chocolates points out the obvious:

The U.S. is ranked 11th in chocolate consumption  with the average American consuming 12 pounds of chocolate per year.  The Swiss, Austrians, Germans, Irish, British, Norwegians, Danes, Belgians, Swedes and Australians all consume more chocolate than Americans.  In China, chocolate sales have increased more than 40%  since 2009 and demand in other emerging markets is expected to grow more than  60% by 2016.

All of that info and a cup of sugar will yield you a cup of sugar.

What is Wonka’s Chocolate?

About GNGR Stock

Gunther Grant, Inc. owns controlling interest and manages various companies in the confections industry that specialize in chocolate production, confection technology, mold production, and specialty advertising.  The Company owns Got Chocolates, Inc,,,,, and the rights to produce BETTY BOOP confections.  Through its subsidiaries, Gunther Grant, Inc. has been producing chocolates for retailers and wholesalers for over 35 years.

Bottom Line: GNGR is a sweet penny stock today and, now that secret chocolate recipe is out, this could see itself on the boards for some time with Halloween just around the corner. GNGR stock has everyone singing: “You could live in happiness too, like the oompa loompa do.”

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