Top Penny Stocks | “Debby Downer” Day On The OTC

One hour into Thursday’s trading session and the five top penny stocks traded are creating a massive red tide for much of the other OTC listed pennies. Pristine Solutions (PRTN) is leading the pack with their 2nd trading session in the red having now dropped 28 cents, -44%, from their Monday high of .50. PRTN stock is clearly looking to end the day as the most traded as long as positive momentum doesn’t pick up from the “Debby Downer” sentiment that is controlling the markets.

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Five Most Actively Traded Penny Stocks as of 10:30am

Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
PRTN 0.22 -22.81% 1,572,262 6,363,047 771
ZERO 1.02 -4.67% 812,977 814,160 309
MIMV 0.491 -16.35% 545,771 1,102,757 228
BBDA 0.0079 -8.14% 290,840 39,184,726 216
GNGR 0.057 -39.36% 127,843 1,707,744 177

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While Eaton Scientfic Systems is continuing to fluff Tropine 3, BeBevco’s CEO, Brian Weber, is said to be taping an interview next week at to give an update on recent corporate developments and answer questions sent in by shareholders and potential investors.

STWA is still holding strong above the $1 level as recent investors since their run began in the beginning of September are still trying to decipher the integrity of the seeking alpha article that attempted to tie a 12 year old french fry with the original McDonald’s that Ray Croc himself opened.

Mimvi investors are still a bit hungover from the 157 word Microsoft agreement PR that has yet to be detailed (see here), while the Wonka Factory has seemed to have some unpacked fudge release from its share price causing Gunther Grant to be half the golden ticket it was at yesterday’s HOD.

About OTC Stock

OTC trading activity and stock prices in many, if not all cases, tend to increase during the advertisement campaigns of profiled companies, and in many, if not all cases, tend to decrease thereafter. This tends to create above average volatility and price movements in the profiled company during the advertisement campaign that viewers should take into consideration at all times.

Bottom Line: These five penny stocks should be on every traders list to look for an entry or exit point. Bounces may occur in BBDA and MIMV while ZERO looks strong in the wake of their recent short attack.

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