Would You Be Thankful For Gains Of Over 6,668%?

ThanksDid you know to buy shares in the penny stock of Sigma Labs, Inc. (SGLB) when it was trading at just $0.016 or even wen it was at $0.086? How about buying shares in Vapor Corp. (VPCO) when it was trading at just $0.76? In fact, if you put together the top 6 traded OTC stocks today and calculated the total gains you would have made have you bought each of them from our initial alerts on them, you wold be heading into Thanksgiving up a whopping 6,668% – and that’s just the top 6 traded ones from today!

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
AAMRQ 11.9411 -0.33% 113,881,320 9,515,257 3,785
FNMA 2.7485 -1.79% 38,304,416 13,836,778 3,201
FMCC 2.50 -1.96% 15,871,014 6,278,873 1,704
MJNA 0.093 -7.00% 2,435,692 26,314,878 1,517
VPCO 1.70 +19.72% 3,977,377 2,499,297 1,274
SGLB 0.244 +15.09% 3,173,332 13,197,274 1,157
VEND 2.60 -13.91% 1,997,207 758,404 1,017
NTEK 0.172 +13.24% 858,910 5,360,952 520
NVGC 0.416 +4.00% 766,219 1,807,527 488
TITXF 1.12 +17.83% 1,031,557 937,365 473

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We at AimHighProfits have been putting our best foot forward, not only this year, but since we began, to make sure that, compensated or not, we can provide you the best opinion available from a point of view that makes the most sense. The old adage of “if it doesn’t make cents, it doesn’t make dollars” is how we have always approached our take on whether or not a position is worth your time, effort and, most importantly, your money.

To put things into perspective which are a bit simpler to comprehend, let’s assume that you threw $100 at each of the top 6 traded tickers on the OTC today from our initial alert coverage and “let it ride.”

AMR Corp. (AAMRQ), the parent company of American Airlines, was trading at just $0.35 at the start of 2012 when the delisted from the NYSE. Although you could have gotten even cheaper shares than that, $100 would have yielded you 285 shares of  AAMRQ stock. Today, that $100 purchase is worth $3,402.

Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FMCC), the other two tickers which , for the most part, have been in the top 3 traded for all of this year, could each have been scooped up for as low as $0.28 when we initiated coverage on them. $100 in each of them at that price would have gotten you 357 shares worth $981 (FNMA stock) and $892 (FMCC stock), respectively.

How’s about the pinksheet listed Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA) which has been milking the legalization of cannabis for more than a year now. Shares of MJNA stock were just $0.045 when we finally decided to take a positive toke on them and, despite bursting to a high as $0.50 in February, $100 worth would still be worth double that if you were too stoned to have sold anywhere near the high.

On a different puffing product, Vapor Corp. (VPCO) was fresh as a daisy when we covered them near the start of the year and really looking like a champion n their electronic cigarette market. $100 on VPCO at $0.76 would have gotten you 131 shares worth $222 today.

Now, the swan song of them all, Sigma Labs, Inc. (SGLB), made us look like a bunch of friggin’ superstars the way it performed today. Despite missing it’s 52 week high set last week by mere fractions of a penny, had you thrown $100 at SGLB stock when we alerted on it at $0.016, those 6,250 shares would be worth $1,525 today.

Hell, NanoTech Entertainment, Inc. (NTEK) was just $0.0063 when we initially covered them which, come to think of it, $100 worth then, 15,873 shares, would be worth $2,730 today. You still have our pre-pump alert on Fresh Healthy Vending International, Inc. (VEND) and Nevada Gold Corp. (NVGC) to thrown in there as well.

Now consider that you’re not a chump and would have thrown a whole lot more than $100 at an one of these tickers had you known about them. So being that that’s the case, look at how much money you would be up right now!

The point being is this – we at AimHighProfits are proud that you have made us one of the best resources for penny stock traders through all your chatter, your dropping links back to our articles, your tweets and, most importantly, your emails thanking us for getting you into some of the best performing OTC stocks well before the crowd and helping you to avoid the pitfalls of face palming into a ticker that is only going to milk your nipples dry.

For this, we thank you and we hope that you and your families all enjoy a safe and Happy Thanksgiving as we promise to keep up our end of the bargain which is to get you the best opinion any penny stock newsletter has to offer. If, by some chance, you’re a non-American and don’t celebrate a roasted turkey with all the trimmings on Thursday, it really sucks to be you because this is the best eating focused holidays ever created and you should really consider changing your citizenship.

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