Godfather Media (GFMD) Makes Another Addition To The AWBL

The smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of the air conditioner compressor kicking in, checking the weather channel for tropical storms brewing: Summer Is Here. Capitalizing on that sensation is Godfather Media, Inc. (GFMD) and their continued expansion of its subsidiary, the American West Baseball League. GFMD stock price has been on a decline like J.J. Hardy’s batting average of late with an occasional solo homer gaining 14.29% today to close at 0.0008.

Perhaps the newest agreement with Albie Lopez, a former member of the Arizona Diamondbacks World Series Championship team, and Eddie Marin, a local businessman and sports agent, can create a 2 out rally for GFMD stock.

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GFMD Stock Chart

52 Week Low
(Today): 0.0006
Shares Outstanding: 175.37M
Float: 139.53M

5 Day Pct Change: -12.50%
5 Day Avg. Volume: 8,201,903

10 Day Pct. Change: -46.15%
10 Day Avg. Volume: 13,902,271

A month ago, Godfather Media unveiled the logo for the American West Baseball League (AWBL), a professional minor baseball league that will start its summer league in 2013. Every weekend, millions of kids take to the baseball fields of the world and hope that they’ll play well enough to win and be noted for their excellence. Many dream that they’ll keep moving on up the ladder, finishing up in a celebratory dog pile at the end of Game 7 of the World Series.

However, with 25 players on each Major League team at one time and 30 rosters to fill, there are only 750 spots to fill in the big leagues at any one time. Now those players who want a shot at the big-time will have a new place to showcase their skills. The AWBL will help to fill that talent void when it kicks off in 2013 with a Mojor League type fall and winter instructional leagues for players that want to showcase their talent to professional baseball scouts.

Perhaps the AWBL might consider inviting Curt Schilling in some form other than CFO. Curt Schilling was a tremendous competitor on the baseball diamond. Longstanding Boston Red Sox fans love #38 for delivering the first World Series back to Boston in 2004 . Schilling blew his entire baseball fortune in the failure of his company 38 Studios, a video game enterprise based in Rhode Island.

They could even contact Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry and Lenny Dykstra all whom played for the ’86 championship New York Mets and all have had a troubled financial life since their departure from baseball. Imagine though, the issues that Bryce Harper had to go through so he could become eligible for the MBL draft since #1 pick was written on his kindergarten yearbook. The 19 year old starting outfielder for the Washington Nationals had to get his GED, enroll and attend a Junior College for a year before being eligible.

The AWBL could offer a launching pad of talent that simply can not afford to attend college or has the opportunity to finish high school, to play for a championship caliber baseball league in the hopes of making it to the bigs, even if it’s guys in the local softball league that still have a couple good years left in them.

About GFMD Stock

Godfather Media, Inc is a holding company that will take ownership, with minor or 100% interest, in any number of subsidiary companies. The Company’s principal focus is to invest in growth opportunities in sports, entertainment, and mobile and social media industries. Godfather Media generally seeks to target companies that generate free cash flow, have experienced management teams and possess strong competitive positions within their respective industries.

Bottom Line: The penny stock of Godfather Media, GFMD, has one issue: dillution. They admit they are willing to issue shares to acquire the businesses they want to acquire. However, GFMD has a following and that following is true to the Company which could mean profits for the long holders when the Chicago Cubs win the World Series.

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